She Doesn,t Trust Me!

By Daily Graphic

She is 21 and I'm 24. We've been going out for a number of years, but she does not trust me at all.

She gets angry when she sees me in the company of other women. Meanwhile, all her friends are men and I am cool with that.

Recently, she found a lady friend watching movies in my room and snapped. She walked away and refused to pick my calls when I tried to explain things to her.

She later came to collect all her stuff from my room and demanded that we break up. I love her very much and want to make her my wife. Please help me.

K.K. Akosombo

Dear K.K.,
Maybe your girl wanted to get out and this was a good opportunity for her to do so.

If she has male friends, I don't see her beef that you have female friends. Unless you have given her reasons not to trust you around women, I would say your woman is being childish and unreasonable.

Relationships are about compromises and sacrifices so if you know your girlfriend is the jealous type, you should know how to behave around her. You should know what makes her happy and what doesn't.

Since you want her back, I suggest you go to her and explain things to her. If possible, go with the lady she found in your room to erase her suspicions.

Let's hope that she understands and comes back to you.