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The Braced Commission

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Delta Rescue Mission (DRM), a movement aimed at rescuing Delta State from imminent economic, social and political collapse, welcomes delegates to this year's summit.

The BRACED Commission aimed at fast tracking development in the South South is a welcome development. DRM is in total support of the aims and objectives of the commission.

We feel that regional cooperation and integration is necessary if we are to catch up with the rest of the world.

The South South geo political zone is the richest in terms of natural and human resources.  It is a blessed region but the poorest and most backward in the country. Its full potentials have not been realized. Infrastructure and good governance are lacking.

DRM calls on delegates to ensure that the BRACED Commission summits are not annual jamborees, a talk show where the tax payers' are wasted without achieving any result or implementing agreed programmes.

DRM calls on member states to allow internal democracy to flourish in the region. No development can take place in the absence of internal democracy.

We also call on member states to implement people oriented programmes.

DRM also calls on member states to urgently tackle the twin issues of unemployment and insecurity.

Regional integration of roads, rail and water transport is of utmost priority. DRM hopes that the BRACED Commission will urgently address these.

DRM equally hopes that a strategy for the development of the region will emerge from this summit.

Above all, DRM calls on member states to ensure that transparency and accountability become the order of the day and a watch word in the region.

Fresh building blocks of accountability and integrity must be honestly laid by the Braced Comm coupled with demonstrable will by the promoters of the Braced Commission to implement same. It is a matter of regret that the few governors convicted so far for monumental fraud and theft of state funds are from the BRACED states.

As a sign that the inglorious past will not return, the governors of the BRACED states should openly denounce the looting of public funds by their predecessors some of whom are openly patronised by the present governors.

Once more, DRM welcomes delegates to this year's summit and wish all a successful deliberation.

Thank you.
Bar. M. Ahweyevu Mukoro Esq.
Director General (DRM).