Maths and Science Are My Headache

By Daily Graphic

I am 16 and a student of Rinjbeek Catholic School Complex. I'm in JHS Three and in the boarding house.

I find it difficult to study Science and Maths or concentrate in class.

Whenever these subjects are taught in class, I find them very boring. But very soon l will write the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

Please what should I do?

Perfect, Have.

Dear Perfect,
Maths and Science are two important subjects you can never avoid if you have the intention of pursuing higher education.

I hope you know that they are also among the core subjects in the BECE and, therefore, you need good passes in them to secure admission to SHS.

You need to inform your parents about the problem so that they can discuss it with your teacher to help you in school.

They may also decide to get you a private teacher to assist you. In all this, however, you should have the love and desire to study those subjects and perform well in them.

That will require hard work, so even if you find them boring, you should not stop working hard at exercises on those subjects and with time you will begin to perform well in them.

That means regular practice and serious work and l promise you that your grades in them will be good.

All the best.