Introducing Ghanaian Beauty Michelle Sakande as Miss West Africa Pageant Final Sets In

By The Ghanaian Journal
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By James B Turay
Michelle Sakande
Beauty is defined as the qual­ity present in a thing or per­son that gives intense plea­sure or deep sat­is­fac­tion to the mind, whether aris­ing from sen­soryman­i­fes­ta­tions or per­son­al­ity in which high spir­i­tual qual­i­ties are man­i­fested. And this young Ghana­ian beauty per­son­i­fies grace, charm and intel­li­gence as she steps on stage to rep­re­sent her coun­try Ghana and make her fam­ily proud in the forth­com­ing Miss West Africa Pageant tak­ing place in London's Regency Hall on the 27th of Novem­ber 2009. Michelle comes from a Chris­t­ian home where she lived with her Father, Mother, and younger sis­ter for most of her child­hood years. Her father recently re-located to Ghana to sus­tain a role within one of the Ghana­ian elec­tive par­ties. Her father instilled a love for her coun­try and cul­ture form a very young age. Ghana­ian cul­ture was very much a part of her upbring­ing although she was born in the U.K.

She has always been an intel­li­gent and inde­pen­dent indi­vid­ual striv­ing for the best always. She is now in her final year at Uni­ver­sity study­ing Busi­ness Man­age­ment at the Uni­ver­sity of Sur­rey. Michelle plans to undergo a Pri­mary PGCE to nur­ture her pas­sion and tal­ent for teach­ing. She finds it very reward­ing, and enjoys the role and is sat­is­fied in sim­ply giv­ing. She also does Vol­un­tary work such as men­tor­ing and look­ing after dis­abled chil­dren. Always ready to sup­port char­i­ties, and con­tin­ues to do so when she can, includ­ing help­ing wash cars in the Kitty cat car wash to raise money for chil­dren with leukemia. She works with Mad Sci­ence doing after school pro­grams that teach pri­mary chil­dren about the basics of sci­ence, and make it fun and exciting.

Within Uni­ver­sity has been an active mem­ber of soci­eties, helped plan and orga­nize and took part in events such as club events in the stu­dent union, inter­na­tional gala and a fash­ion show. She has also taken part in U.K urban fash­ion shows, and photo shoots. Has a love for beauty and mod­el­ing, but believes beauty shines from within, as that is where her beauty derives from. She would like to inspire young girls who strug­gle to fit within the bound­aries of socially accepted beauty. She is not of a typ­i­cal aver­age size, but will take her mod­el­ing career, as far as she can.

A very artis­ti­cally expres­sive per­son, very fash­ion aware. Loves acces­sories and brightly col­ored clothes and likes to stand out and be an indi­vid­ual. At a younger age Michelle reg­u­larly attended dance lessons on a weekly basis, and still has a love for danc­ing, and the dif­fer­ent types and forms of dance includ­ing lyri­cal and par­tic­u­lar ball­room dance.

Although Michelle has a strong focused plan for the future which may seem quite filled she hopes to ven­ture into par­tic­u­lar areas of Busi­ness, and launch her own label/line pro­duc­ing fash­ion­able wear for women of all dif­fer­ent shapes and sizes. She cur­rently works part time in a fash­ion retail store.

Beauty Queen Michelle
Beauty Queen Michelle
She has always been a good friend, and sup­port to her close friends and younger sis­ter. She has a quirky side to her, is funny and has a bub­bly per­son­al­ity. Loves life, and loves to laugh. Her love for read­ing began at a young age, and she con­tin­ued that through to A-level doing Eng­lish lit­er­a­ture at A-level, and hopes to fur­ther con­tinue this by becom­ing a suc­cess­ful author even­tu­ally. As she writes as a hobby now, she hopes to be able to help oth­ers through her writ­ing in future.