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The Holy Bible clearly stated that the love of money is the root of evil. Many Nigerian pastors are only interested in prosperity messages than salvation due to high level of poverty being infested by the government in recent times.The last Dana Airline mishap that claimed many notable lives indicated the second coming of the lord Jesus Christ This unfortunate incidence thought Nigerians the ability to get closer to God It is sad that over eight pastors on board were perished in this ill-fated Aircraft.Over 75 percent of churches in Nigeria concentrate their biblical messages on prosperity without considering hell or heaven in their callings. The multiplication of sins in this new generational churches is nothing to write home about. How many pastors are really called by God?

In the time past, Pastors were seen as real servants of God where all spiritual solutions were provided without requesting for any money but the reverse is now the case. Pastors now negotiate for money before prayers. To the extent that some pastors imposed unnecessary donations and vows to frighten church members on the imminent danger of not giving their tithes and offerings abundantly.Even kingdom of darkness find it easy this days to carry out their nefarious and callous activities to make Christians weak in their faith.In every beginning of the year, 95 percent of Nigerian pastors will embark on searchlight prophecies that will help to guide the norms of the country. The bad is much than the good prophecies which many political leaders have no regard for ministers of God anymore.Most church pastors whether pentecostal or orthodox glorify wealth than heaven which criminal activities have geometrically increased in all ramifications.

Though the Bible says 'Judge not and on the last days many will come in my name say lord and I m really far from them. Miracle pastors are more than salvation ones.It is glaring that heaven is far from many pastors in Nigeria.Church establishment is more rampant in Nigeria than any other country in the world.In the developed world taxation is being imposed on churches which invariably prevent regular proliferation in all nooks and crannies of the world.The churches have been consecrated into money making venture where ministers of God display their ill-gotten wealth from members huge offerings and tithes and unnecessary vows in the name of God. Sometimes collect money ranging from ten thousand naira to twenty thousand naira for a bottle of olive oil which is not more than two-hundred and fifty naira in the market from the congregation in the name of praying special prayers or anointing. The competition of wealth among Nigerian pastors could serve as an iota of holy spirit disappearing from the house of God. The way many pastors claimed to be called indicate that some came into gospel of Christ because riches and pride.Pastors now dine and wine with demonic people in the name of praying for their businesses to prosper. Even compel their congregation to give with mendacious testimonies to convince the members that God is with them.Most pastors now serve riches than God. The church used to be a frighten area for the devil to perpetrate but some are now victims of the satanic attackers with high volume of immoralities.To the extent that some pastors issue curses on their members who fail to pay fat tithes and offerings to them. The office of the pastor has been disabused by some charlatans and nothing else.The fakery pastors are more pronounced than the genuine ones.

Generally speaking, some pastors who had their first callings with the fear of God and holiness have deviated from their main assignment to make the church a business venture while 85 percent of members are living in abject poverty.Most of the top Nigerian pastors are into lucrative businesses running into billions of naira which setting up high brow higher institutions meant for only the rich people and nothing else. God has given us the power to make wealth at all levels of life.It is not good for a minister of God to live in poverty or excesses that compete with worldly people on earth.Even the church is fast becoming a banking sector to give money to business people who are ready to pay interest in return. In fact frivulous activities are now in today's churches which only God will deliver the country from total calamity.Some pastors have initiated themselves into diabolic activities to get power to perform miracles and healings in their various crusade grounds and others.Although we still have genuine pastors who preach salvation to its congregation. Most of these so-called pastors are so voracious in their ministerial callings where they fix their undressed wives to mount their pulpit to preach sermon while their assistant pastors are taken to the cleaners or rubberstamp even when their wives are not called by God but concripted on the congregation. Fornication among female sisters and brothers is high while many pastors believe in using high sound English language to tell blatant lies with no confirmation of prophecies. The hardship of Nigeria has made many pastors to be distracted from their callings and preach big in the altar. Some pastors used at least 40minutes to tell stories about their successes and others. Is that their callings?

Boko Haram is taken advantage of the northern churches to execute their evil acts which the churches have failed to pray to God rather pursuing selfish interests in the ministry. Some pastors write half-baked books with no proper editing and compeling members to buy it all cost that spiritual blessing is attached to it. Bible schools do not guarantee someone to become a pastor. Some Bible scholars and teachers are yet to give their lives to Jesus Christ

rather committing evil in the land.Again some pastors are only interested with big titles like Rev, Dr, Most Holy, Archbishop, Bishop, Professor and others. It is good for pastors to be rewarded if they are meeting the demands of their members.How can a pastor have six jets and other flamboyant materials whereas members are in pains and poverty. . The fact remains that most pastors no longer hear from God again. The house of God needs holiness and cleanse of sin and others.Preaching on the print and electronic media do not guarantee a pastor making heaven. In the past years when a real man of God wants to die, the angels of God will be singing even the said pastor will know his time of demise.Sin has dominated the entire churches except few ones that maintain scriptural guides.Pastors these days use police escorts and body guards to protect themselves. Even pay for form to see them with much frighten security personnel. Did Jesus Christ carry such enticement? It is only God that knows who is serving him not man. Only few pastors in Nigeria are using their tithes and offerings to bless dejected souls in their congregation and create jobs for Nigerians through their established businesses.

Lastly, Kidnapping, armed robbery, oil bunkering and other social vices are high, Pastors must channel their prayers into unity of this country.All pastors must join PFN and CAN to unite Nigeria.The likes of Adeboye, kumuyi, Olukoya, Oyalkilome, Oyedepo, Albert Kingsley, Ayo, TB Joshua and others must organize one month vigil across Nigeria to prevent unholy killings of Christians in the northern Nigeria now. BY GODDAY ODIDI. PUBLIC AFFAIRS ANALYST. 08058124798,08063458693, 20 oro street Ajegunle Apapa . Lagos

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