Shoud I Stay Or Leave?

By Daily Graphic
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My husband has been cheating on me for the past four years with a young lady in our church. It is no secret but for some reason I didn't believe the rumours until a year ago.

I confronted him and he confirmed it but to my surprise, he told me he cannot stop seeing the other woman. We've been married for 22 years with four children who are also devastated over this incident.

I want to leave the marriage because he is not ready to stop seeing the other woman and the situation is becoming unbearable for me. I still love him; should I leave him?

Georgina, Kumasi

Ei Georgina, as for this 'dee' I can't ask you to leave or stay ooo. That decision will have to come from you. You know your tolerance level and only you can determine if you have had enough.

However, since you say you still love your husband, I guess you must try to work things out. I don't think you want to throw away everything you have worked for in these 22 years.

Sometimes, these things happen but the way it is handled go a long way to strengthen or crumble the relationship.

I am sure you were confrontational when you asked him about the affair but I think you should sit him down and have a chat with him. Find out what is lacking in your marriage and work at it. Maybe you have taken some things for granted and he is getting those from this other woman.

If after you have done all you can to rectify the situation he is still adamant, then you can make a complaint to your church elders or his relatives.

It is a difficult situation but I also know you can save your marriage with patience.