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The Pilot radioed the tarmac at Lagos Murtala Mohammed Airport repeatedly of the impending problem. Nobody, I mean, the air traffic controllers paid deaf ears to the yeaning of the American Pilot and the crew. More than 170 people perished: 162 in the plane and more than 30 in the residential areas. At the same time, Nigerian Cargo Plane over Ghana Airspace crashed, killing 7 people on board. At the same time, I mean simultaneously, boko haram struck in Bauchi in three different Christian gathering places and killed more than 17 people. Devil's concurrency had it that Maiduguri experienced yet another boko haram the same time. In all, Nigeria lost more than 200 people on Sunday June, 3rd, 2012. Back to Dana Air disaster.

The engineer from bottomless pit who is in charge of ensuring that planes are fit before flying is known over the years to be compromising his duty by receiving bribes, not caring for lives lost. Yes, Demuren, the engineer responsible for clearing planes “certified” Dana Air Plane that crashed in the crowded Lagos area killing more than 170 people fit for flying. Recall that a lady in Dana Air Line guaranted interview to television stations in Nigeria on Monday night June 4th and revealed that the ill-fated plane had been repaired thrice, yet Denmuren and Management of Dana Air stubbornly put the plane to flight contrariwise.

Should Demuren be walking free in this Country? Should Management of Dana Air be working free in this country? Management of Dana Air quickly satanically announced the suspension of the Air line for one year. The question is: is Dana Air Management law to itself? If it were in India, would they operate? If it were in India, would they ignore the danger sign given earlier? I don't blame them. One Nigerian adage says “If you disregard your clothing, children would take it as rag” Nigerians in management of government and parastatals disregard patriotic Nigeria; So, why shouldn't foreigners treat you as nobody?

Why should Stella Odua be shading crocodile tears? Why should Stella Odua not be imprisoned for directly, not indirectly, killing over 170 Nigerians and foreign crew in what should have been averted? I remember that this is Nigeria, called Nija where anything goes.

Otherwise, why should the cabals be working scout free for siphoning 1.7 trillion naira? Why should more than 2 billion Naira pensioners money be eaten while the siphoners are walking tall? Why should Bola Ige be killed and the principal accused won election to the Senate House from prison of detention? Why should incumbent Abia State Governor win election from prison of detention from Ikoyi Lagos? Why should Obasanjo and Liyel Imoke be respected Nigerians for siphoning 20 billion US dollars of Electricity money?

This is Nija where anything goes. Recent writing from Daily Sun Monday 4th front page says “Cecilia thru's loot, relooted”. Why should I border myself on the loot-out, loot-in syndrome? Let Wole Soyinka, the literary giant discover what literary appreciation soothes loot-out, loot-in. It is not my job and I don't want to do that kind of job. Let Wole Soyinka and Chinua Achebe put heads together to bring out the symphony of loot-out, loot-in.

Yes, Cecilia Ibru's loot has been relooted. Fullstop. Stop disturbing Comrade Kindness Jonah anymore with Nigerian issues. GOD who created k-sunanmi and hurricane Kathrina should remember Nigeria. That is my prayer and not to do the job of Wole Soyinka and Chinua Achebe.

Most Northern governors pay N4 million naira per night in the world's costliest hotel in Dubai with their retimue of girl friends. Have you not heard it? Why are you pretending that all is uhuru in Nigeria? Nigeria is a lions den called Nija. These Northern governors pretend to be going for a haij with hajias only to end up in Dubai, paying N4 million naira per night, translating to 4 x 30 = 120 million per month, translating to 120 x 12 = 1,440 million, that is 1.44 trillion naira per year. Tomorrow they claim that Mohammed is the prophet of GOD that came to Sandi Arabia for peace. Which peace? Where do you see peace? Do they need peace? What they need is K-sunammi and Hurricane Katrina to kill them and naturally burry them for vultures to eat them up from road-side gutter at Sokoto.

Bible has cemented their fate: “there is no peace to the wicked”

Arik Air line is owned by Obasanjo. This Air line should be scrape the and suspended forthwith until Obasanjo boldly tell Nigerians that he is not in Ogboni confraternity, and so, not a blood sucker. For now, until it is proved otherwise, Obasanjo is in Ogboni. Arik Airline should not fly Nigerian Air Space any more.

Today, Levi Ajuonuma has been killed. The question is “was he sacrificed to get others or others sacrificed to get him? Or, was the crash natural? Nobody knows. Others are asking whether the oil cabals acted funny in Ajuonuma. If that is true, did Ajuonuma expose the cabals? What was the relationship of Ajuonuma with Petroleum Minister? What was the relationship of Ajuonuma with oil cabals? I don't know. Only GOD knows.

So also John Haruna was perished. How did he die? I mean the vibrant police AIG. How did he die? The Jet that killed him was said to have been very new, the one Mr. President entered two days earlier. The rhetorical question is: how did the Jet develop engine problem? Was it reported? Only GOD knows and will judge it.

Chima Ubani was said to have had motor accident at Potiskum in 2005 September and died. But, recall that the so called Jeep did not jam any tree, any other car, person. No one has seen the so called Jeep since then. The driver of the Jeep and the person sitting in the front varnished. Nobody has seen them since 2005. The question is: was Chima Ubani not gased to death, sacrificing Oyeleru to prove a demonic point? Chima Ubani was the target, Oyeleru the photo journalist could be sacrificed to cover the satanic track in the guise of accident. This is Nija.

The so called plan was manufactured 23 years ago. It is not the age that is the problem but maintenance. It once flew fro Uyo to Abuja and almost crashed. This is a known fact. The pilot reported, but the engineer from hell called Demuren still commanded him to enter the plane to fly that it was a minot fault. Instead of Goodluck Jonathan arresting all the management of Dana Air, he merely confiscated the license. Leaving object chasing shadow. Where do you have 23-years old plane flying without repairs? Is Goodluck Jonathan a President or an on-looker? I am sorry for Goodluck Jonathan.

Let us watch Goodluck Jonathan in this one also. Let us see what would happen to the so called engineer that authorized unworthy Dana Air Plane to fly; I mean Demuren. Let us watch what Goodluck Jonathan would do to Stella Ogiamonyi Odua. Let us watch what Goodluck Jonathan would do to the Management of Dana Air.

Goodbye till next edition.

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