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Life is not measured by the abundance of things possessed. That is what no other said, but God Almighty Himself (JESUS) in the Bible. Extrapolating from that, the politicians looting the treasury dry is in itself utter foolishness because they use it to buy the good things of life, corner, use and useless as many ladies as agree with them. JESUS said ''Life does not consist in the abundance of things possessed.'' Life has no meaning outside life itself, and that is JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth. You many call me a pastor or evangelist or missionary. I don't care. But my name remains Kindness Innocent Jonah, a human rights activist.

The state of looting in Nigeria has gone electronic. Let no man deceive anybody. Crime cannot stop until politicians stop looting public fund.

The President with greater experience to executive powers stands to correct Nigeria better than any other. If it is money, Goodluck Jonathan has got more than excess of it. But it is not in money. If it were fame, Goodluck Jonathan is swimming in the ocean of fame. But it is not found in fame. Sponsors of boko haram could be there with him, even in Aso Rock. The Constitution is a whole hug of nonsense that encourages looting through security vote and immunity.

If, therefore, any president as the strongest man in Nigeria wants to correct Nigeria, he has to do or commit what people call ''class suicide. ''Goodluck Jonathan has to be ready to:

(1) Injure his own person to change Nigeria. That is, he has to convince himself that both money and fame and woman have to give way for the change he is to champion.

(2) Injure his wife, the very all-assuming first Lady who assumes much airs and apparently more powerful than he, himself.

(3) Injure his Vice and other PDP members who are there lurking around as vultures to devour the last kobo from the treasury

(4) Injure his extended family members who push him into corruption by the dictum from hell found in Nigeria alone in the globe ''this is your only chance, so make best use of it, meaning ''loot as much as you can while in office which is no man's land''

(5) Injure his friends and seekers of appointments.

After injuring these five categories, he is set to deliver Nigeria. To injure himself which is the first and most important, Goodluck Jonathan has to:

(1) Reject any temptation to contest again
(2) Stamp his feet on the ground and utter the constitution for a single term of five years for every elected office holder.

(3) Remove immunity clause from the office of the President and Governor

(4) Hand over Power to a Christian from North Central

(5) Create States and Local Government Areas EQUALLY in all the Geo-political zones, that is, eight states each.

(6) Remove Joint Account of Local Government Area with the State Governments so that Local Government Areas become fully autonomous.

(7) Arrest known perpetrators of boko haram, their sponsors and summarily deal with those caught without releasing them to sultan of Sokoto who secretly releases them.

These seven (7) instances are the most important of Nigeria's problems. Goodluck Jonathan has to first determine to give Nigeria true Democracy.

Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah is a seasoned Human Rights Activist and an unbiased National Commentator. Also visit these facebook sites: Justice Stand, Nigeria Unity and Kindness Innocent Jonah.


Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Kindness Innocent Jonah and do not necessarily reflect those of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."

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