I Want A Baby Boy

By Daily Graphic
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My problem is simple — I want a baby boy and unfortunately my wife has given birth to three girls and is unwilling to have a fourth child. The oldest is 15 years while the third is 8.

As a man, I think I should have a son to inherit my fortune and take good care of my investments. I am not underestimating the capabilities of my girls to do a good job, however, I would be fulfilled if I have a son.

Should I go in for another woman to have a son?

Nana Kwame, Tema

Nana, what if I told you that the gender of a baby depends largely on the father? So if you are having only baby girls, the fault may be yours and not your wife's?

In any case you should be thankful that you have children who are healthy and when given the proper training, would be able to do whatever you wish for in a man.

Going in for another woman just for this reason is not on. Don't be convinced that that woman would be able to give you a son. What if the woman gives birth to girls, would you jump on to another woman and keep going till you get your boy?

Get real and remember that we don't always get what we want in life. Be grateful and enjoy the lives of your three beautiful girls.