Revenge, Is It Good Or Bad?

By Daily Graphic

Revenge is sweet, it has often been said. That is because it is only natural for you to feel hurt when offended or harmed in some way. But that doesn't settle the matter.

Revenge often makes you continue with many more acts of vengeance, and the cycle is repeated again and again. There are several ways in which you can become offended. Such as being slapped or verbally abused by a friend. How do you feel when you are humiliated to such extent?

Naturally you will feel hurt and your inborn sense of right and wrong demands that you seek justice.

If you fail to take action your friends or even parents will push you to make the perpetrator pay for what he/she did!

This is because when you retaliate or seek justice it helps in easing you of the emotional pain of an offence.

However, in doing this it creates more problems.

For example while watching TV, when a bomb killed 18 youths in a terrorist attack, a grieving woman shouted, “We should give it back to them a thousand times”. In that way brutality only increases and rage can consume you.

If you think revenge is 'sweet', look into the faces of those who have lived on it for years.

Continue to love your enemies even though it might be very difficult to do so. That does not mean that if you are a victim of a crime or are threatened in some other way you should meekly accept.

If the matter involves someone at school or in the house there are authorities you can turn to. Do not take the law into your own hands in your bid to revenge but seek the appropriate authorities.

Nevertheless, it is good to keep in mind that you might not get true justice always. Sometimes you should learn to forgive and forget. By doing this you free yourself from much pain, rage and violence.