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Nigeria has not felt the impact of the assistance of development partners in the country because the assistance is not demand driven, Minister of Trade and Investment Olusegun Aganga has said.

The minister made the remarks in Abuja during a meeting with representatives of the United States Agency for International Development, European Union, United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, United Kingdom's Department For International Development and the German Development Cooperation.

He minister explained that although the country has worked and will continue to work with the development partners in different areas yet they have not understood with the country's plans, strategies and priorities.

'The motives, intentions of development partners are very useful but we find that it is possible that we are playing in the same areas, doing little pilot programmes around in the same area but yet not having the impact we should have in the country.

'The reason for that is that in some cases, the assistance we get is not demand driven which mean that it is not focus on what we are focused on. I want to make it clear that when you want to support and help us, it is based on our demands or what we need and what will make a difference in our country and that we are able to measure the impact,' Aganga said.