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By NBF News
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Senegal has cautioned Nigerians living in the country to obey the laws of the country or risk deportation.

The Commandant of the Gendarmerie Brigade in Keur Masaar town, near Dakar, Major Cheikh Konte said many foreigners, including Nigerians tend to violate laws governing the country, thereby putting themselves at risk.

He made the statement at the weekend when a 9-man delegation from a Non Governmental Organisation, the International All Ordained Ones Fellowship of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star led by its chairman, a former director of the NNPC, Mrs Cecilia Duke, visited him.  Major Konte warned that the law enforcement agencies in the country would not hesitate to arrest, detain or deport any foreigner that engages in criminal activities.

'During our surveillance activities, we have arrested many foreigners, including your people, who have involved themselves in criminal activities. We shall not hesitate to mete out commensurate punishment to them if they do not desist', he said.

Also addressing the Nigerian delegation, the head of Keur Masaar, Alhaji Traore Mohammed, said foreigners were arrested recently for engaging in trafficking of children, sacrifice, money doubling and sleeping with wives of natives.

He advised Nigerians to restrict themselves to lawful businesses and ensure that they submit their particulars to the authorities, adding that such enables them to keep track of visitors to the town.

As a way of strengthening the relationship between Nigeria and Senegal, Mrs Duke appealed to the Senegalese authorities to release any Nigerian that may have been detained unlawfully or over petty reasons and support those carrying out genuine businesses to enable them succeed.