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Justice Musdapher Daihiru and Gov Akpabio Bribery Allegation

By Kate Udo
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Is it true that the chief justice of the federal has or is about taking bribe from Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa-Ibom State?

The chief justice of the federation took bribe from Umana E Umana....... the source who requested anonymity, said that the chief justice of Nigeria has indicated that, he is now ready to accept more bribe from a basic man, born from Adam's seed in the name of Governor Godswill Akpabio from the state level by the president directives, president Good-Luck Jonathan and his wife honorable Patience "Dame" Jonathan. "According to the source, the couples are working hand in hand to further destroy our country Nigeria. The president's wife Mrs. Patience "Dame" a frequent Akwa-Ibom State guest is painted ill in this accusation. The source who did not disclose his name said when Justice Musdapher attended a conference in Akwa-Ibom state was showered with a bag full of our oil money by Governor Akpabio errand boys to dismiss the current case of Senator Akpaand Udoedeghe vs. PDP, Inec and he Governor Godswill Akpabio because if the case dare go to trial, he may no longer be the governor of our state (Akwa-Ibom). The gentleman said Justice Musdapher was upset and walked off the unit. He felt insulted and asked them to stop for he did not come for that. He strictly came for the conference.

I refuse to believe from the source. "All I can say is that, time is the key." I am refusing to believe this accusation still because many people are out to destroy our able president because he is a man who was presented to the Nigerian people by the former president of our giant country Nigeria (President Mathew Obasanjo) now Pastor OBJ as one of the most adorable and heavenly sent president. But let see, I strongly believe that if the case is dismissed by Justice Musdapher Dahiru base on his "Old age" and 180 days technicality, then I'll believe truly indeed that he had sole his legal right from being the who's who of Nigeria legal system to being in Governor Godswill Akpabio pocket as the most corrupt justice in the whole wide world. If Justice Dahiru is going for the more than 2 billion bribe from Governor Akpabio and the Five Hundred Million from Suswam, the Benue State Governor to dismiss the case at the end of this month, that is May 31, 2012, then I Kate Udo will personally request to meet with President Barrack Obama and Mrs Hillary Clinton (the secretary of State) with all the proof and the election videos to show them that Our Country Election was not free and fair that as a matter of fact, it was the worse in Nigeria's history.

Our dear Justice/Mr. Musdapher Dahiru, my name is Kate Udo; I want to ask you if indeed this accusation is true or not? Please can you publicly refute this charges/accusation if this is incorrect for your image sake. Remember you've toiled for years to make a legal household name and we want to believe you would protect your good name both nationally and internationally. And I ask, if it is not true, please I beg of thee in the name of your mother who brought you to this world to return the case for a fair hearing and trial back to tribunal and for your family sake because the Akwa-Ibom State money will haunt you for life. If you're yet to receive the blood money from Governor Godswill Akpabio, please don't and if you have, through Umana ...Umana, please return it back with respect for if not, the tears of our mothers and fathers, the youth of Akwa-Ibom State may have a negative effect on your. I'm not even mentioning Akwa-Ibom state curses, that one would be eternity beginning from you, your chosen generation to generation. Again what about your children's children, do you want them to suffer for your sake? Would it make sense for them to be victims of your greed? If so collect it and let me convey this to you that peace will never be your portion and the spirit of our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends and neighbors will follow you, for the rest of your life.

Mr. Dahiru, we are tired of seeing our state turning to a burial pits, we are tired of seeing our people dying of hunger and starvation, sickness, diseases, and untimely death when they're murdered in "cold blood." Justice Musdapher, there are too many flies arriving our dear state in millions and we're tired to send them away. We want us back, we want to save getting our feet wet. There are too many Pye-dogs coming; slinking out from underneath our huts in our very dear state. They are all after human blood, our blood, to get their fill of protein and the fact is that, no one made any attempt to stop and keep them away. But instead they're joining the bad ones to feed and fill their belly. Mr/Justice Musdapher Dahiru, I tell you Sir, that it would have been comical if it hadn't been so disgusting, dangerous and deadly. To see this kind of uncommon drama in our once peaceful State, "I wept" and wished, if only it was just comical in nature then a person like me would've been out there doing other things than fighting an uncalled for humanitarian cause particularly for our state. Justice Dahiru, I can see clearly that in Nigeria, the more educated a person is the less he understands about survival. That is surviving in a right way than in a corrupt way. Our country is gone, there is no democracy, and I can tell that if we continue in this rate, our country will be completely dead.

Governor Godswill Akpabio thinks that because he is the governor, his administration is a cultists administration, that the fact of it must be just kidnap, pay the ransome, get save/kill or just kidnap, raped, ransome, save/killed. Killing an aged mother and striping her naked was a terrible terror; it is awful what is happening in Akwa-Ibom state Nigeria. Many mothers thought when Governor Akpabio become the governor will treat them with unfailing compassion; in infact all women, until he died but these many mothers were just dreaming. Maybe their dream is "still born," but I'm not sure.

Justice Dahiru, I swear our mothers dead/alive for their burden of responsibility were and still too great. I don't think it was their fault that from their wombs came forth tyrants and the like, real monsters screaming for power from the word go. I swear as they were praying for deliverance to have Governor Godswill Akpabio to come and be their leader from the ruling party PDP, they didn't know that he was not God's will but rather Satan will for the will of our father in heaven is not the will of man. Gov Godswill Akpabio has gotten into with so many people, feeling very important thinking he has had it made that he is god even his sycophants calls him the tin God.

Judge, are you aware that some few weeks ago, the Akwa-Ibom state youth sacrificed their time and their lives to write a thorough open letter to Mr. president about what is going on in Akwa-Ibom State. Has Mr president replied the youth as of yet to give them a message of hope? I don't think so. And what about his wife Mrs "Dame" Good-Luck Jonathan Ebele Azikiwe? By the way "Dame"means a woman holding a nonhereditary title conferred by a sovereign in recognition of personal merit or service to the country. And my question is, has our president wife, with all the atrocities committed in our dear state and other state stepped in to rescue the downtrodden? What is her role as a mother of our nation? is it just going to the government house to receive money from Gov Godswill Akpabio' and turn around and bruised Akpabios ego by slapping him after he told Nigerians and the rest of the world he's been giving her money? Has she ever addressed the youth of Akwa-Ibom state with a message of hope that Akwa-Ibom state would be well again after five years of suffering from cancer? That Governor Godswill will be replaced by another good PDP qualified candidate since opposition is not what PDP wants. A candidate of good moral calibre I mean.

What is the role of Mrs President's wife in building our nation Nigeria? Has she publicly rejected the ruling Party (PDP) Atrocities by telling the party that enough is enough? Has she ever stood up to advocate for our mothers and young girls who have been raped and tortured by most ruling party evil agent on fake Military and police uniform? As she ever asked the Akwa-Ibom State youth to avoid being misguided and misled by the games Governor Godswill Akpabio and his evil followers have created just to perpetrate the greed and selfishness? Don't Mrs Patience "Dame Good-Luck knows that our youth need a voice, someone to help get them through like President Barrack Obama's wife is doing? After all the former Military President's wife Mrs Badamosi babangida did it. She founded the better life for women and youth during her husband tenure as a military president. If she Mrs Patience "Dame" Jonathan can't assist his husband in playing the mother nation role, then who would be the right person to waive across the fence and tell the youth, they should continue on their good work. Can you imagine today, every Tom and Jerry are dancing well to achieve something from Governor Godswill Akpabio. They can easily get into Governor Godswill Akpabio's mindset and understand him better so that they can put into play their plans. In Akwa-Ibom State, we use to be peacefully happy but not any more.

Justice Musdapher Dahiru, we want equality, and a quality delivery of the case in supreme court. Please we want peace for we can't continue like this. Remember the legal and the world satelite is watching you even in closed doors. You don't know who is who so please be careful and be safe in your dealings with Governor Godswill Akpabio and his agents. Open your eyes very wide for the world survellance is turning and can see you. I trust you to be an honest justice, a man of peace, nor war. A man that Akwa-Ibom State people have been praying for so please show your extraordinary quality as a supreme leader and as a premier of our justice system. Please help push our country forward. Please show your best practices of the justice system for there are too many criminals running the street of Nigeria. Please after reading this, take a moment, close your eyes for five minutes, meditate, then open your eyes then you'll understand what I'm writing about. Nigeria is gone. It is very rare you see an honest Nigerian so please help me be an exceptional for justice sake and for fair hearing sake. Let the world see you as being the most honest of them all. Don't be like Pastor OBJ who planted bad seeds and turn around abusing verbally the very seeds he planted.....Thanks!

Kate Udo
Essien Ubong

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