She's Scared Of My Epilespy

By Daily Graphic

Dear Auntie Betty.

I am 18 and an JHS graduate. I am an epileptic patient.

My parents have sent me to different places to find a cure for my ailment but to no avail.

I live in the same house with a girl who is 14. I was with her one day when I had a seizure.

She was shocked to see me in that state.

Ever since that incident, whenever she sees me she takes to her heels.

She says I will infect her with the disease. I’ve told her my sickness is not infectious but she will not listen.

How can I make her believe me?

Alberta, Adweso.

Dear Alberta,

I can feel the pain you are going through, especially since there is not much you can do. You said your parents had taken you to so many places regarding the ailment.

Have you been to hospital? If not, ask your mother to take you to a hospital so that you can be examined and educated on the disease. According to experts, there are cures for certain types of epilepsy.

You need to know more about the disease and what triggers it so that the seizures can be reduced. I believe a hospital can provide you with every detail.

With regard to the girl, you have to explain to her that she will never be epileptic by being your friend.

But if she fails to understand, leave her alone and make friends who will love you for whom you are. Bear in mind that the sickness is not the end of the world.

You can still live a normal life like any other person so take heart and do the best for yourself. All the best.