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Akwa Ibom State Politics: Why Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Information was Beaten up by Two Prostitutes---The Real Story!

By Ikpafak Thompson Essien
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Aniekan Umanah is a Commissioner in Godswill Akpabio's Cabinet. He is the Commissioner for Information and Orientation. But because of his incompetence and infantile character, especially when he appears on television to address the issues of Akwa Ibom State, indigenes of the sate frequently refer to him as the Honorable Commissioner for Mis-Information and Dis-orientation. In Akwa Ibom State, everyone knows Aniekan Umanah as a liar, a great propagandist, a jester, who in spite of his age and position has refused to grow up.

This past Thursday (May 16, 2012), Aniekan was involved in a brawl between two women; one of them was a prostitute and the other was his regular mistress, whom Aniekan once introduced to his wife as his Personal Secretary. The newspaper report on the story mistakenly mentioned the two women as prostitutes (please click on the link below).

Sources say Aniekan had left home after lying to his wife that he was leaving to attend one of those nocturnal cult meetings, which often begins at midnight down into the wee hours. Unknown to his wife, Aniekan had discretely invited his mistress to meet him at a pre-arranged hotel location. The lady was supposed to meet Aniekan at a certain time. But because she had to travel from Calabar to meet Aniekan at Uyo, it took her longer than expected. Because it took so long for the lady to arrive, Aniekan, whose libido was hot and itchy at the time, thought his mistress would never show up. To satisfy his appetite for the night before he returns to his wife, Aniekan Umanah made another arrangement by inviting a prostitute to take over the duty of his mistress.

Unfortunately for Aniekan Umanah, both ladies---mistress and the prostitute---showed up at the hotel almost at the same time; the prostitute was the first woman to arrive. Then the mistress showed up, knocked on the door, Aniekan Umanah, who thought the knocker was one of his aides, immediately opened the door. The mistress walked in and saw the prostitute in bed, nude. That is when all hell broke lose.

While the two ladies were fighting, Aniekan Umanah was busy putting on his clothes. By the time he had the chance to calm down the two ladies, the head of his mistress was split open by the prostitute; she bled profusely. Sources say Aniekan panicked. When Aniekan Umanah tried to leave the room through a window, his mistress caught him on time by grapping his shirt.

Suddenly, according to a source, the ladies stopped pulling at each other and turned to Aniekan Umana and began hitting on him. A serious scuffle ensued during which his shirt was torn. One of the ladies (I was not told which) went after his rod---probably with the intention to rip it apart. It was then that Aniekan Umanah started screaming. Eventually, his security operatives managed to rescue him. He left the room without his shoes.

An eye witness text the following message to me; "Ete Thompson, you need to see how this man (Aniekan Umanah) was shaking like a baby. He was screaming for help and worried more about the reaction of his wife, if she knows about the situation. I saw Aniekan and I said to myself ah ah, how this man de shake like a child? Ete Thompson, it was a pitiful site."

In a normal society, there would have been calls for Aniekan Umanah to resign. But in Akwa Ibom State, there will never be such calls because the man---Godswill Akpabio---who would demand the resignation of Aniekan Umanah also patronizes prostitutes, with mistresses in every part of Nigeria.

The behavior of Aniekan Umanah symbolizes the level of decadence in which Akwa Ibom State has dwindled into. It also reflect the level of irresponsibility of the leadership of the State. Since 2007, many of us have been shouting about the incessant raping of our young women, we have been shouting about the unwanted pregnancies in which our young women are subjected to by the so-called rich men--- the rich men that often abandon their wives at home to take advantage of the poor conditions in which our young women are being subjected to, due to failed or no policies by those in positions of authority.

Rather than create enabling environments where investors can come into Akwa Ibom State to create jobs, Aniekan Umanah would rather spend his time in a hotel room with prostitutes. Few months ago, it was the same Aniekan Umanah who told those in the media that Godswill Akpabio is doing everything to make sure that our young women do not engage in prostitution. At that time many of us had no idea what Aniekan Umanah was talking about, until now.

Please click on this link to see how the story was reported in Nigerian media.

Written by
Ikpafak Thompson Essien
Portland, Oregon

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