Did you know are turning her off…Women's Greatest Turnoffs

By Jimmy Clifford Nii Nettey
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If you've ever wondered what women are or aren't attracted to, then you're not alone. All men want to be attractive to women, and though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are definite things that all women find unappealing. If you've ever wanted to make sure that you identify all behaviors that women find offensive so that you can eradicate them from your life, then stay tuned. These tips will help ensure that you avoid common pitfalls that are sure to send women running in the other direction.

The first greatest turn off for women is men who aren't well groomed. Women spend countless hours throughout their lives grooming, bleaching, waxing, scrubbing, buffing, and polishing. They expect men to at least devote a little time to ensuring that they look presentable as well. From body odor to a few stray hairs growing from nostrils and eyebrows, flaws in appearance are a great turn off. Stay clean, iron your clothes, and make sure that you devote time to your appearance. This not only keeps you looking great, but it also lets her know that you value her opinion of you.

Women are emotional creatures. It is simple fact, however whether the emotions are a result of a hormonal upset, a bad day at work, or simply waking up on the wrong side of the bed, women need to talk. One of the biggest turn offs for women is men that won't or refuse to listen to women vent their feelings. Though it may seem over-dramatic or overbearing to men, who would rather crawl in a cave equipped only with a remote control and cool drink, women need men to listen and validate their feelings. If you want to make sure that your relationship works, and that you keep your woman interested in you, listen to what she has to say.

If you really want to ensure that a woman never has anything to do with you again, lie to her. Women are looking for men that are open, honest, and trustworthy. As soon as you prove otherwise, you have caused serious damage. If you want to keep your relationship healthy never lie to her. If you think you want to date other people, then break up and date other people. Don't do it behind her back. At least if you handle things openly and honestly, there will always be a chance that you can get back together. A man who is caught cheating on a woman is sealing the fate of that relationship. Though they may try to pick up the pieces and move on, most women will never 100% trust a man after he has cheated on her.

By treating a woman with respect, care, and listening to her feelings you can ensure that she will not find you offensive. Make sure that you always demonstrate your self-confidence and have a positive attitude. Additionally, though a sense of humor is a great quality, men that act immature are a big turn off. Keep your playfulness under control and don't mistake humor for childishness. With these tips, you'll find that not only will you be more appealing to women, but your relationships will be stronger as well.

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