She Doesn't Listen To Advice

By Daily Graphic
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Dear Auntie Betty,

I am a 16-year-old girl and in JHS Two. My friend is in a relationship with a boy. I know it will bring her more harm than good and being a close friend I told her to break-up the relationship. She didn’t listen and even insulted me.

Now I don’t know whether to report her to the school authorities or ignore her.
Muhibbatu, Tamale.
Dear Muhibbatu,

You have demonstrated that you are a good friend. You know it’s good to call your friends to order when they do things that are not right. I commend you for that. That is how friends should be.

You have to be each others keeper, and give pieces of advice so that you can grow to become responsible adults in future.

It is unfortunate that your friend does not appreciate that you are doing her a lot of good. If you both have an adult female friend that you respect and confide in, I advise you to inform her about what’s going on so that she can also talk to her.

If she is still adamant, then you have to withdraw from her friendship. This does not mean you should not talk to her again but you should not be as close as you are now.

Look for someone else who shares in your principle of not getting involved in relationships at this age. When she falls into trouble she will see the wisdom in your advice .