Mom Says My Girl's Grandma Is Devilish

By Daily Graphic

Dear Nana Ama,

I am 21-years of age and a second year student in a teacher training college. I am in a relationship with two girls, a first year senior high school student and the other is awaiting her B.E.C.E results.

Things have been going on well for a year-and-half now until my mother asked me to part company with the second girl whom she says has a devilish grandmother.

However, we sincerely love and cherish each other. I'm totally confused and need urgent advice as to what to do.

Bawiss, Tamale.

Dear Bawiss,

You're in college and it's not unusual for you to want some variety but you must be cautious in your relationship with members of the opposite sex because multiple partners could land your health into grave danger if you are sexually active.

Although l cannot agree or disagree with your mother about the grandmother in question's character as l don't have facts to enable me do so, what l can say is that it is in your own interest to settle on one girl.

If your mother objects so seriously to the other girl's grandmother, then it will be prudent to listen to your mother and call it quits if you have no long-term plan for the relationship.