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Kalu As Investor Friendly

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His journey to a foreign envoy recently in Abuja, where he played the leader of the team that visited the ambassador to discuss business transactions and how more investors could be attracted to the country, former Governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu needs serious commendation for his foresightedness to efficacious business activities that have bettered the lots of many without mud legs and without any glimpse of egocentric tendencies.

His approach to the national issues as they relate to investment and progressivism show the mindset of a man who would prefer to be hypertensive through initiating business ideas for the citizens to enjoy and be cured of hypertension. The rapid progression with which Kalu fights poverty in Nigeria is a measure in making sure that something unpleasant stops happening in Nigeria, carefully and regularly. His advancement to business is exfoliating among the political class, especially amongst ex-governors.

Without doubt, Kalu is endowed with business ideas and scuttles to making sure that ordinary Nigerians are the beneficiaries. With this primacy, Nigerians have been benefitting from his workings so that they don't engage in shoddy business that has not helped any person in life. Today, many Nigerians have a right to take employment under Kalu's business initiatives as long as they could follow the business guidelines, which are humanitarian, and as far as they do not abuse their office, hence cutting down the cost of unemployment in the citizenry.

It is of the essence to the nation that Kalu served the nation in the capacity where the citizens of his home town of Abia State had the opportunity to good health facilities, roads, education, portable water, and a host of other dividends that came with his stewardship, of which he was poor in making sure that his state and its people did not lack.

However, more and more good things will come out of Kalu if given the support he perhaps needed. He cannot exhaust his business acumen in helping Nigeria if earnestly given dogged support instead of certain unnecessary distractions from certain quarter which in every term is narrow-minded.

Just like security agents fight crime, Kalu's fight shoots across the root cause of crime which is poverty, whereas certain people's feeding budget in the world per annum is in millions or billions of money. What many Nigerians have not realized is that with Kalu's business initiatives and as one of the foremost employers of labour in Nigeria, he is fighting against corruption. With Kalu, many Nigerians are not shaking because they know that employment is sure for them that will see principle, and not the many who were only employed on the pages of the newspapers.

The suitability of all is that Kalu is a business judge in the business judiciary of his conglomerates of businesses, who has set a lot of poverty stricken Nigerians free and exposed poverty and brought it to book, showcasing sincerity to fight unemployment and poverty in the country. Is he therefore not making history by fighting these hardheaded duos of poverty and unemployment in the country that have eaten deeply into the fabrics to abrupt end in all ramifications?

There is no contradiction that Nigerian leaders who are not investor friendly are the most shady and should be weeded out of the governing bench, because their lackadaisical behaviours to employment kill more unrecorded number of Nigerians than any insurgent's detonated bomb and shattering bullets. This is where the cordial Kalu is different: He has brought poverty to face the music for its crimes against the teeming Nigerian people; and he is not loaded with money to spray around, but with business scheme-force to downturn the menace of poverty in the country.

Therefore, let all and sundry who also mean business and have Nigeria at heart give Kalu support and see how he will purge the country of poverty first of which is the root of crimes in Nigeria. The country needs a working system, and this is what Kalu has been fighting assiduously to achieve. Any attack from any quarter against him is for the wrong reason and insensible. Poverty, which he has been fighting to eradicate, is the factual enemy to the citizens, and until it is dealt a corporeal blow, Nigeria will never amount to anything good.

Moreover, Kalu should not be deterred to continue to be investor friendly. He should always be prepared for the consequences that will follow. He should continue to create business opportunities even when traducers castigate his indisputable personal integrity. If other people are jokers, Kalu is not. Even when political demagogues are engaging in a war of wear and tear to silence him, he should always go to more envoys for more business discussions for the interest of the 'common' Nigerians who need him mostly, than the few traducers who want him go down by all means. It is time Nigeria began to appreciate what she has, not only when she lost any.

Kalu is one man who has in truth marched his words with action, and not the 'American wonder' magic many people in his position exhibits. Kalu deserves from Nigerians prayers consequently thus: May God/Allah continue to sustain his will and courage to carry out his always graciously business advancements and reforms that have touched the lives and minds of many Nigerians even when detractors have always sabotaged this motivations and efforts, to remain undaunted.

May Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu found the strength to continue to impeach poverty and unemployment that have been humiliating the masses of Nigerians, and God should continue to protect and save him from the sneering of cynics.

Odimegwu Onwumere, Poet/Author, writes from Rivers State. (+2348032552855; Email: [email protected]).

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Odimegwu Onwumere and do not necessarily reflect those of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."

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