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Wednesday May 09, 2012
• Apostle Daniel
Photo: Sun News Publishing
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Founding Pastor of the Ark of Grace Ministry International, Agenda Gardens, Yellow House, Tantral Hills, Accra, Ghana, Apostle Daniel O. Daniels has warned that the country is heading towards disintegration.

The cleric said 'enough is enough to bloodshed.'
According to Daniels, 'God instructed that I should warn this nation, the citizenry and the leadership most especially the North, that He is the one that initiated and orchestrated the amalgamation of this nation but that some are taking the glory.

'The Almighty God said since they are taking the glory, that there is no prayer that would make the country to continue. Since the purpose of the amalgamation is not being achieved, there is no reason for its continued existence. If they insist on producing a president, the country would divide. No prayer can stop it.

He started further: 'These people are systematically dismantling churches in the North. Christians there have suffered a lot of degradation and yet they are the divine sheep owned by the Almighty God. They are being killed and maimed as if their owner cannot defend them. God said He would rise up to defend them.'

He said, 'God's anger with the Northern Christian is that they have refused to call Him by His name, Jehovah God, the name as revealed from eternity. Jehovah has nothing to do with what they are calling Him over there today. As long as they have that name in their Bible, then they would continue to die. Christians should stand out as divine sheep and their owner would defend them.'

Daniels advised President Goodluck Jonathan not to contest for second term. 'He should not come back for second term. He should maintain his integrity. His Sycophants may want to lure him into it but he shouldn't because heavens would not back him.'

Daniels, a former teacher from Abia State, said in 1996 God asked him to go to Ghana to correct some ills that are not scriptural.