What can one say again?
- IBB legalized corruption in Nigeria. He made corruption a state affair. He originated Decree 419 which is now the acronym of financial fraud. He gave all and sundry oil well that believed in his course of corruption.

- Obasanjo tripled IBB's corruption. He quadrupled Abacha's corruption. He pentagoned Abudulsalami's corruption. He has sextagoned the corruption of the neophelilte from Otuoke. Obasanjo laid oil pipe from Bayelsa to Otta Farm, exporting oil worth billions of naira every 24 hours. Former Governor of Bayelsa State resisted him, he removed Alams and substituted him with his amen-member Deputy who has been number-oned by the corrupt rigging process.

- Theophilus Danjuma (T.Y.) is the captain of the ship in oil well corruption in Nigeria. He publicly refunded many billions of naira he never knew what to do with. That tells you what we are into and what our leaders are. The human butcher from Taraba State is a clear agent of corruption by stealing oil money to enrich himself.

- Atiku Abubakar (Turaki Adamawa) is from Genye, Sarduana Province in Adamawa. He had oil wells more than any other when the going was good between him and Obasanjo. Obasanjo removed Dan Etete's oil well and added to his. He became the richest oil don outside. When he fell out with OBJ, the later removed his oil wells and returned Dan Etete's own to him. Atiku was the don of privatization who privatized the private parts of Nigerians in supervening corruption and siphoned the money to Dubai where he has many sprawling houses outside those in Nigeria.

- Abudulsalami Abubakar is the most concentrated siphoner of Nigeria's money. Concentrated in the sense that what he siphoned within six months only, can hardly be siphoned even in ten years by five or more people combined. Today, he is Nigeria's Roving Ambassador. Is Nigeria not a funny Country?

- David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark has marked out Nigeria for liquidation by utter corruption. One time Governor of Niger State, Communication Minister and Abandoned Property Maestro and current President of the Nigerian Senate is no mean man as far as looting the treasury is concerned in Nigeria. This liquidator of sanctity from Otukpo in Benue South comes home with jet or helicopter because there is no road leading to his father's house. He arrogates N80 million as monthly salary (note N80 million monthly) to himself. He told dismayed Nigerians in 1986 as Communication Minister that ''telephone is not for everybody''. He meant to corner telephone to himself and those of his stealing army and political group. Today, telephone is in the hands of every teenager, not to talk of adult. Shame to the public embezzler of Nigerian fund called David Alechenu Bonaventure Mark.

- Aliko Dangote is said to be the richest Nigerian. I ask by how? Somebody whom Obasanjo stifled Nigerians to expand. Somebody whom Obasanjo closed all existing cement factories and relocated them to him? Somebody whom obasanjo gave the sole right to import Indomie Noddles.

Does Dangote operate in competitive market? Did he build any company as a competitor and overcame other competitors if not Obasanjo's draconian hand that silenced other competitors by fiat and raised him (Dangote) up? What business acumen has he that others do not have? The truth is Alhaji Aliko Dangote is the embezzler of public fund through oil wells and government fiat ban on co-competitors to favour him. He operates in purely legalized monopolistic or at best, oligopolistic market. Obasanjo made sure he (Dangote) does not operate in a free Market enterprise to face competitors. Why should he not be the richest man in Nigeria or Africa? Did he struggle for it?

- The Glo-man, Mike Adenuga is another touted very rich Nigerian from Ogun State. He was a taxi driver in London, remember. He had no business acumen above others until he came across IBB, who after one thing led to the other, gave him oil well and made him his established Equatorial Trust Bank partner. Through oil well, he established GLO GSM Communication. Right now, on daily basis, he exports crude oil worth billions of naira. How can't he become the richest Nigerian or one of the richest Africans? Did he work for it by virtue of merited investment?

The truth in Nigeria is that poverty has become a weapon in the hands of the favoured oil well few who monopolize governance and use its machinery to inflict more poverty on the people so that people will not complain meaningfully, only be worrying for what they would eat daily to remain alive (not even to eat well). Nigerians must rise to challenge the political power of these people. A National Conference must address these.

Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah is a seasoned Human Rights Activist and an unbiased National Commentator. Also visit these facebook sites: Justice Stand, Nigeria Unity and Kindness Innocent Jonah.


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