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Adams Oshomole is not a human rights activist, mind you. He is a labour activist fighting only for increment of worker's salaries to which he belonged. That was then. The scenario he created during his tenure as President of Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) paved way for his popularity that snowballed into his gubernatorial race in Edo state to which he was helmed in as the number one citizen.

Tell me: point at one person suffering for whom Oshomhole out rightly lambasted government for, if the sufferer was not employed by government? This is what a human rights activist does: caring for the entire humanity whether or not the injured is employed by government. Adam Oshomhole went and built N10billion worth of house in his village in Auchi. What justification, if not comparative corruption? What motivation, if not entrenched corruption? What stimulation, if not Nigerian–politician-accepted corruption platform? Oshomohle is clearly very corrupt and this cannot be wished away or explained away or grammatized away. It cannot be pushed aside by oratorical prowess that hides wide lacunas in white-sepulchered gift of garb. However convoluting and windy the argument appears, the believe of truth is that Adams Oshomohle stole Edo State money worth billions of naira and built his private house in his Auchi village. Simple. The rest is history and now he is trying to change history or re-write it which is never possible.

Even if Adams claims that it is his Security Vote. The law does not give him room to spend it outside security. When there is remaining amount in the year, the same law mandates him to return it to the Treasury – that is the amount out of Security Vote he could not utilize on security purpose. That is what Nigerians do not know on Governors' Security vote. Security vote is not for Governor's private consumption. He has his salary and allowances to live with, to spend as he likes, as his earned income. He can only spend part of it as security and give account of his expenditure on security and return the security-unused part to the Treasury.

Ironically Nigerian governors use the Security Vote as their salaries without accounting for them. There is something wrong with the Constitution of Nigeria that created such huge sums for security more than what is accepted to help the poor masses. Tell me how can security be guaranteed when there is no job, no food, no clothing for the poor? How can there be security when poverty is multiplied by the politicians who steal public fund in the guise of – Security Vote, Appropriation Bill, Allowances and the likes.

Somebody like Adams Oshomohle could have known this as a labour activist, he was. But because he lacks agenda, he has no blueprint to develop Edo State: he bounces on Security Vote to divert to his private irrelevances. Surely, Adams Oshomohle is a disgrace to the activism world to which I belong in a wide circle.

Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah is a seasoned Human Rights Activist and an unbiased National Commentator. Also visit these facebook sites: Justice Stand, Nigeria Unity and Kindness Innocent Jonah.


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