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The fulfilment of yet another prophecy of remarkable accuracy testifies volubly to the validity of TB Joshua's divine calling, leaving even his most vocal critics voiceless…

On Sunday 19th July, 2009, the Nigerian prophet spoke of an impending natural disaster, set to strike an Asian country. “The sea is warming up,” explained the prophet. “There is going to be an earthquake and that will flush, bring the water into the city, into the community and it would look like a tsunami. Those living very close to the sea – this is a warning. This is an Asian country.” A week later, the dates of the imminent calamity were revealed: “Pray and fast in the month of August. August 7, 8, 9, 10.”

In a devastating whirlwind of geological unrest, Friday 7th of August saw Typhoon Morakot strike Taiwan, forerunning a spell of extreme weather conditions throughout the Asia pacific region. Leaving a trail of devastation and destruction in its wake, the weekend of Morakot's wrath from Friday 7th August through to Monday 10th August affected a staggering 11 million people in China alone, over 1 million forced to evacuate. 2.6 meters (102 inches) of rain fell on southern and central parts of Taiwan, the worst recorded rainfall for over half a century, with thousands rendered homeless and hundreds of lives lost in the ensuing flooding, land and mudslides. Rescue teams are still battling to locate the thousands reported missing, with news of entire villages submerged under mudslides triggered by the typhoon.

As Morakot wreaked chaos, the 10th August saw Typhoon Etau hit west Japan and two earthquakes shake the sea beds of the Indian and Pacific oceans, prompting a Tsunami warning for five surrounding countries. On the four consecutive days in August specified by TB Joshua, 7, 8, 9, 10, these disasters made headline news worldwide.

The prophetic utterances were beamed live via Emmanuel TV, Joshua's Christian television station. With an impressive record of accurate predictions, their uncanny consistency proving this is beyond coincidence, the world continues to watch, eager to discover what God will unveil next through His servant.

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