Do you want a sugar daddy?

By The Mirror

Most young women take elderly men for personal benefits. Young women are threatened by loss of attention. They, therefore, need a lot of items to stay attractive.

A recent study in America showed that while young men had six basic items in their bathrooms, young women had 350. Many young women need men to help them acquire their needs like accommodation, job placement, promotion and sponsorship to institutions to compete with their peers. Some get into relationship with 'big men' to enhance their ego. They feel big to be known to go out with big men.

Some are lonely and stressed up. Society makes them feel unworthy. They, therefore, pick anyone who comes along. A married man is suitable because he is seen as experienced in treating a young woman as a queen. This is particularly true of young women who have been in bitter relationships with their peers. There are also those who are bitter about their wives and want to 'show them'.

Why a young girl?
The urge to have an affair is inborn. Studies show there are genes in us that predispose us to infidelity. The greater the number of these genes, the greater your risks of infidelity. Some married men will, therefore, take on young girls no matter how well their wives treat them. This may explain why even some great men of God have been victims of infidelity.

Some men want to relive their youthful days. They see it as fun and excitement to have someone break their sense of routine as they scheme to get away from what they are not supposed to do. They see variety as the spice of life.

Some men are in bad and almost lifeless relationships. Some wives see marriage as winning the battle and losing guard. The woman who was slim now becomes obese. She dresses shabbily even when studies show poor dressing depress men. Some wives become disrespectful, assertive, powerful and controlling. If a woman attempts to control her man she destroys his self esteem even to the point of making him impotent. The man restores it by taking a young woman. As the young woman shows love and submission, the man builds up his self esteem.

Do you want a young girl?
When a married man gets into infidelity, a chemical is produced in the brain that makes him act like the mentally challenged. His intelligent quotient is halved and he can't make rational decisions. He may buy very expensive items for his girl even when he struggles to meet domestic bills.

Infidelity destroys trust which is the foundation of a fulfilling marriage. It is the single most damaging thing that destroys the sanity and sanctity of marriage because it takes away emotional, physical, and spiritual energy only to leave behind betrayal and insecurity.

When a man is exposed he may destroy his image and feel everyone has turned against him. He loses inner strength and character. The shame guilt and hurt may lead to divorce if the root causes are not addressed. Infidelity has had ripple effects on friends, relatives, work and future choices. It has caused the fall of many.

Do you want a sugar daddy?
Dating a married and elderly man is extremely difficult and risky. You can't see him when you need him most. You can't have him to yourself. You may have a lot to live on but nothing to live for. If he leaves you, you feel heart broken because you don't feel worthy enough. You have only one per cent chance he will marry you. If he does, you will always feel guilty of having caused harm to a family. You will, therefore, live with despair, anguish, and pain.

You may get used to facilities that are hard to find when you marry. You lose commitment because in a 'sugar daddy' relationship, true love is absent. The man provides financial support in exchange for emotional support. In the end there are no winners.

Both live with pain and regret.
Find someone of your maturity level who has a lot in common with you and build a life together from scratch. In this era of materialism and promiscuous life, choose to be different and better. Be strong and honourable. Be a mentor and model of true womanhood.

Credit: John Boakye
Source: The Mirror