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It is with total dismay that we seek to bring to your notice the recent happenings in a multinational company in Apapa (Mediterranean Shipping Company NIGERIA LTD [MSC]), Lagos State, Nigeria. At a time when the country is trying hard to curtail the influx of illegal Emigrants into the country, it becomes absurd to hear that some people of questionable character have infiltrated this country under the guise of Expatriates. The most recent been the case of one of the so called expatriate( an Indian who works as an expatriate with a diploma certificate) eloping from the country (with the aid of the MD of the company) as a result a routine check by members of the Nigerian Immigration Service. Today, we can authoritatively bring it to your knowledge that the MD of the company MSC Ng Ltd, Mr. Anil Nayyar has been boastful enough to say that he is going to the Nigeria Immigration Service, Lagos state command by Monday, 30-04-2012 to see and lobby the comptroller in order to allow the unqualified expatriates to remain in the country (this he has already done according to sources from within). We therefore write (putting all respectful bodies in copy), so that you can be watchful and alert as the said MD has always accused Nigerian government officials of been corrupt and can always lobby them with money for what he want. Infact he has gone ahead to say he is going to settle the comptroller general of the Nigerian Immigrations service and the minister of Interior.

We also wish to bring it to your notice that considering the term of their engagement which states three years, after which the position is sourced locally( please see attachment), the terms of their contract and engagement should be honored. Rather he brings in all his family members to head all the departments in MSC NG LTD.

Mr.Anil Nayyar who already has a fraudulent and questionable record while with MAERSK LINENIGERIA (the reason he was sacked), should be held liable for aiding and abating the fugitive( Mr. Manish Bahtarchajee {OPM}, Mr. AB Parthiban {CFO}) to escape from members of the Nigerian Immigration Service whenever they visited the office. These people are his main fraudulent accomplice and must be investigated and brought to book before they all escape from this Country. Presently, he has hired an ex- military cornel (on consultant bases) to cover him and lead him to be bribing our respectful officers inGoverment authorities. This MD brought in an Indian, a former factory worker at shongo ota Mr. Sanjay Parthak as IT manager(but performs an admin task as the companys purchasing manager instead of the task he has been hired for)that cannot even deliver any technical job in ICT to Head our IT team that has been handling the dept. for over a year without any issues, just as one of his miens to loot more funds from the company. We kindly invite EFCC and other respectul bodies to investigate into this cases intensely as Nigerians are very angry with this system of management. Monkey they work, bamboo they chop. Not for any body but INDIA. We Say a BIG NO.

We also urge all concerned parties to scrutinize their records, qualifications and terms of stay in the Country, as such people may also pose a different dimension of security problems to the peaceful co-existence of Nigerians and Nigeria as a whole.

Finally, we also wish to bring to your notice the fact that Mr. Nayyar who says he is not fraudulent and urged all his staff in MSC Nigeria not to receive or give gifts of any kind during festive periods has made withdrawal worth over 3.5million naira within two days under the name of Easter PRO for various organizations. And requested posting to be done in smaller amounts into our management application system. This people has been looting heavy millions into their pocket and need to be stop immediately. This conscides with his lobbying plans and execution of the NIS Lagos command. We therefore urge all to ensure that this indiscriminate looting is nipped in the bud.

Thanks to act accordingly.
Sincerely yours,