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By Marxist Kola Edokpayi
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Leadership is an effective inquiry into the yearnings and plight of the masses, with a view to proffering lasting solution to them.

leadership does not connotes occupation of the official pedestal but to inspire and moltivate the people towards engaging in positive action. To become a leader is to lead not to acquire properties all over the world

In Edo state, there is a slogan that the people are leading. Are the people really leading?

Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, the Governor of Edo state was a former labour leader that led series of general strike against some draconian, anti-people, and outrageous policies of Olusegun Obasanjo, who came to visit him recently in Benin.The actions against the policies made people to fall in love with him (Oshiomhole) and was planted in the minds of the people and the masses heaped hope on him to be the Joshua that appear like the deus ex machina to finally lead Edolites to the promise land of eldorado.where no man shall sleep under the bridge; where no man shall be oppressed;where there will be no kidnaping; where there will be no homo homini lupus; where the decision of the ordinary man on the street will be taken into cognizance when preparing budget, only for us to be more lugubrous, pessimistic,cynical, doom and gloom, hopeless, and frustrated,because the forces of light have not triumph over every darkness in the state that was mannacled by egocentric and putridus governors of yester years.

Since the fons et origo of this administration that I call political venditator Oris, there have been rehabilitation of major roads to International standard, that I must commend the Comrade for,atleast using the tax payers money judiciously to some extent not all the roads in Benin that have received rehabilitative attention from the government. Majority of the roads in Benin are still very deplorable, epileptic, syphilitic. I must also commend him for the rehabilitation of primary and secondary schools with the assistance of the Federal government through U.B.E funds, credit should be given to the federal government for that. It is non-sequitor for the state government to claim glory.

Hope Adams oshiomhole has not eaten of the forbidden fruit that will make Edo people vote him out of power, the way God sent the Biblical Adam away from the Garden of Eden? Adam, Adam, Adam, where art thou?

it must be noted that Development is more than building of roads,planting of flowers at Akpakpava, construction of one water fountain in the state where water is wasting, it is sad to note that we have antediluvian and 16th century wells in Ambrose Alli university (AAU) where about seven girls fell into the well at the female hostel, two of them died instantly.

Development in human society is many sided, It is increased skill and capacity, greater freedom, creativity, self discipline, responsibility and material well-being. What kind of exacerbated development of the underdevelopment presently in the state where erosion kills people? The roads are filthy, and non-drivable. People are frustrated and lifeless in nature. Fear is resonant in the eyes of many. Everyone disappears from the street before dark for fear of armed robbers and kidnappers. Most homes have gates that are ten feet high and reflective of prisons for protection from men of the underworld. Yet, in the circle of these hardships and complaints about neglects, the citizens are joyful and friendly. Things are fallen apart What an irony

Information is spreading like harmattan fire on how our Governor is building mansion worth 10 billion naira in his village, how he acquire properties in Edo ,Abuja, kaduna. How he has properties all over the world. His Press Secretary said the houses were built twenty years ago and are undergoing renovations. How did the comrade get the money twenty years ago to acquire those properties in Edo, Kaduna and abuja as started by his press secretary? How much was his salary twenty years ago? These are the questions we are asking. I began to wonder why a comrade will amass gargantuan wealth to himself at the detriment of the masses who dont have security. A comrade is supposed to live a moderate and spartan life

. Materialism cannot bring happiness. some mistake wealth with happiness, such people throw morality into the wind and used all means possible including fraudulent and evil means to acquire money.A man can be very rich yet very unhappy, that is why we have a situation whereby rich men commit suicide and harakiri as a resulf of frustration and unhappiness. The richest men are not the happiest men. A life of excessive pleasure is an animal life. Pleasure is emphemeral, transient and transitory.Happiness is a state of mind which accompanies peace of mind and moral rectitude. Michael Imoudu, Aminu Kano, Mokwugo Okoye( a radical socialist who remained consistent till his death), Tai Solarin, even former president Yar Adua did not acquire wealth and properties all over the world like our comrade in Osadebay House. It is a pity that we have not been able to produce a progressive comrades like Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana who was given a ceremonial burial for seven days by progressives in Nigeria where a coffin to represent the remains of kwame Nkrumah was carried from the Tafawa Balewa Square then known as (lagos race course} to the Ajele cemetery in the heart of Lagos. Gamel Abdel Nassir of Egypt who lived a moderate life throughout his tenure as Head of State of Egypt. He lived till the very end of his life in the very house where he was living as a Colonel at the time of the 1952 coup against king Farouk. Nassir lived for the poor in Egypt.

No state can move forward without increased skill and capacity, greater freedom, creativity, self discipline,responsibility and material well being. A society developed economically as its members increased jointly their capacity to deal with the environment.

We have long been deceived for long. No wonder Jimmy Carter said "Democracies can no longer tolerates bribery, fraud, and dishonesty;especially as such practices disproportionately hurt the poor" . You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. We must rise up in the state against those people that want to milk the state dry.

The State belongs to all of us, let no man think he can pocket the state. it is against the social contract for the people to be mute.

The social contract is the concept that human beings have made an agreement with their government, whereby the government and the people have distinct roles and responsibilities. The theory is based on the idea that humans abandoned a natural (free and ungoverned) condition in favour of a society that provides them with order, structure, and, very importantly, protection. The concept of the social contract as defined by Rousseau also influenced the writing of the Declaration of Independence in USA. The Declaration proclaims that "Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed," and "whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it. This is done throgh ballot box

.As we approach the 2012 election, The people will decide who will governed them based on the fact on ground.

A time like this demands
Strong minds; great hearts;true faith and ready hands;

Men whom the lust of office cannot buy;
Men who possess opinions and a will;
men who have honour, men who will not dehumanised and demobilised the people.

men that will not use the collective wealth of Edo people to buy properties across the world for themselves.

men who will not lie;
We must not sleep until victory is achieve.

Marxist Kola Edokpayi

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