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By Luqman Abdr-raheem
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The Muslim Congress joins all God-fearing Nigerians and lover of free speech to condemn the bombing of the offices of ThisDay and Daily Sun newspapers on Thursday, April 26, 2012 for which Boko Haram accepted responsibility. This act can best be described as callous, merciless and diabolical. Boko Haram activities are threat to the continued corporate existence of Nigeria.

The Congress once again reiterates that Nigerians are tired of news of bombings, sorrowful tears, loss of fellow citizens and properties, emotional outbursts, media/public condemnations, issuing of press releases, vituperations and accusations/counter accusations by clerics. The antics of Boko Haram must be check-mated now because the group has succeeded in creating a lawless society driven by climate of fear, terror and panic among Nigerians irrespective of religious affiliations.

We advise all Nigerians to team up with the Federal government and the security agencies to nip the present disgraceful security situation in the bud. The stakeholders in the northern Nigeria must devise potent means of curbing all forms of insurgency through measures that would ameliorate the challenges of diseases, illiteracy, poverty and monumental corruption facing the neglected masses. Boko Haram sect finds ready-made recruits from the miscreants, uneducated, unemployed, cheated, pauperised and frustrated members of the society.

The Congress sees the bombing of media houses, sanctuaries and innocent Nigerians by Boko Haram as a ploy by this faceless sect to hinder freedom of expressions and God-given fundamental human rights. They see their own ideals and norms as sacrosanct. Whereas, religious and political ideals are best propagated through advocacy and persuasion not intimidation and bombing. This is the path of rectitude and the methodology of Islam. We have consistently stated that Boko Haram has diabolical agenda far away from religion. It is being used by some individuals with questionable personalities to accelerate disintegration of the country. We pray fervently to Allah to expose them for prosecution as soon as possible, amin.

In conclusion, the Presidency, National Assembly and Security Agencies should be informed that Nigerians are tired of empty assurances and promises that the security agencies are on top of the situation. Do we wait forever, before Boko Haram is tamed? You live fat on national resources and to whom much is given, much is expected.

Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria! Long live free speech!


Luqman AbdurRaheem, MNIM, AMIMC, AMIOE
Amir, The Muslim Congress