Tips for men on how to improve a marriage

By ghanama
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Tips for men on how to improve a marriage
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One of the worst things anyone can do is to take their wife for granted.

In the beginning there was love
When we begin a new relationship, it's so exciting. The buzz, the expectation, the passion…it's intoxicating. We want to impress our prospective partners so we shower them with gifts, buy flowers, go for romantic meals, visit romantic places, all things designed to show your lady how much you love and want her, and hoping to convince her that you're the man for her.

We all do it. It's natural. And yet, many of us let this slip after a few years of marriage. But, I hear you say, we can't afford that lifestyle any more. We want to raise a family, and we must economize. Piffle.

More ways of skinning a cat
So, you need to economize? This is understandable, and almost noble, especially if you want to start a family. But it doesn't mean that you have to stop showing your love for

her. Don't think that just because she married you, that you can stop wooing her. Women always need to be shown they are loved, desired and wanted.

Instead of taking her out for expensive restaurant meals, prepare the occasional romantic meal at home. It's so much cheaper than eating out, but more than that, it shows your partner you care, that you have taken the time and trouble to cook for her, and to prepare that private intimate experience to share.

Alternatively you can take her out for a picnic. This has all attraction of preparing a meal at home, but also adds the extra dimension of romantic surroundings if you choose them with thought.

Don't stop bringing her gifts. They don't have to be expensive. A flower picked on the way home, a bottle of wine you can share together…just small things, but things that keep the element of surprise there, that show you still care.

Personal grooming
You should always strive to look your best. There is nothing worse to a woman, than if her once handsome, smart man should turn into a scruffy, dirty slob. By keeping up your appearance, you are not only obviously looking good, but you are keeping her attraction to you alive, and you are honoring her by looking good for her.

That's what she does for you…looks good, for you! It's not for some other Tom, privates, or Harry, it's for you, and one of the simplest and most effective gestures you can do that will go a long way, is to let her know that you recognize it, often.

The physical manifestation of love
Making love is of course the ultimate show of your love for your partner. Make love often. Not only does it cost nothing (practical but true), it shows your wife that you still care for her. Be a little adventurous (that doesn't mean swinging from the chandelier) be a little naughty, flirting is fun. Above all be gentle and caring.

The key
Showing you still care is the absolute key. Tell her you love her regularly. Not too often. You don't want to spoil the girl, but say it unexpectedly. It's so much more effective.

Always make that extra time for her. No matter what other priorities you may think you have at the time, she is more important to you than anything else in the world. You can always make the time if you bear this thought in mind.

Be kind and considerate. It doesn't mean you have to be effeminate. Women love strong men who, whilst being masculine, can also show them kindness and consideration.

As simple as it may seem, communication is such an important factor in any marriage. Through life's journey together, you will meet problems. But, if you can meet these problems together, head on, discuss them, and agree the way forward, your marriage will remain strong