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Between UK and Nigeria: Of Winston Churchill and Wole Soyinka

By Augustine Togonu-Bickersteth
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Between UK and Nigeria: Of Winston Churchill and Wole Soyinka by Augustine Togonu-Bickersteth,London,England

There are interesting developments between Britain and Nigeria in respect of one-time British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and , Wole Soyinka.

Winston Churchill and Wole Soyinka both won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Churchill was a reporter and relatedly Soyinka was an editor

Churchill was a soldier and relatedly Wole Soyinka is a Hunter.

Churchill was captured during the Boer war and Wole Soyinka was imprisoned during the Biafran war.

Churchill had special interests in bricklaying and painting and relatedly Soyinka has special interests in Architecture and photography

Churchill has been described as egotistical and Soyinka publicity loving

Churchill and Soyinka have both been described as risk takers

Churchill has been described as a war-monger and relatedly Soyinka is an exponent of the myth of Ogun, the Yoruba god of War

Churchill was an Admiral of the Air and Sea and relatedly Soyinka was Chief Road Marshal and Head of the Sea Dogs

Churchill has been described as a hard drinker and relatedly Soyinka has been described as a connoisseur of wine

Soyinka comes out as a refined form or a modern version of Churchill.

Wole Soyinka"s best known work, Death and the Kings horse man, according to an interview published in the Washington Post (April 27, 2006) was fuelled by a confrontation with Sir Winston Churchill. Soyinka informed that he was coming down the stairs at Cambridge"s Churchill College and encountered this bust of Winston Churchill, the great colonialist.

The Washington Post wrote that whenever he walked past the bust, he found himself wanting to topple it with an accidental push.

On this day, feeling especially irritated with its presence, his mind suddenly went from Churchill to colonialism to the colonial experience and to a historical event, "which I had known for a very long time". He went to his room and in a few days, he had written Death and the Kings Horse man