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Nigeria Is On Course, Says PDP

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SAN FRANCISCO, April 12, (THEWILL) – The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Sunday took a swipe at opposition parties for their regular criticism of the state of the country under its leadership. The party said that, contrary to constant points made by opposition, the country is on the track of reaping immense benefits from the PDP-led federal government. The release, in full reads:

The Peoples Democratic Party has observed a consistent trend amongst opposition parties and their leaders where there seems to be a deliberate campaign to get noticed by churning out lies and half truths about the PDP and the governments elected on its platform.

Listening to these critics, one would be misled to imagine that the PDP Government has achieved nothing since it assumed the reigns of power in 1999. We are however gladdened that the Nigerian people, who are the ultimate beneficiaries of the good governance we have given have reciprocated over good gesture by overwhelmingly electing our candidates at every general election.

For the avoidance of doubt, we wish to remind these critics of the following achievements in case they have not noticed already.

1. The greatest achievement of the PDP is the provision of strong national leadership whose centripetal pull has succeeded in relegating the barriers of race, religion and ideological persuasions, issues that have kept Nigeria down for long. It could be argued rightly therefore, that the PDP has been the major catalyst for the unity of the nation.

2. One of the visions of the founding fathers of PDP was to form a large, all encompassing democratic party, with shoulders broad and strong enough as bulwark against military adventurism. That vision is largely fulfilled today. For the first time in history, Nigeria has had twelve years of uninterrupted democratic rule.

3. It is often said that when the electoral process is got right, other issues of development will fall in line. The nation under the PDP has gradually advanced to a stage where a general election in which an incumbent President contested was adjudged locally and internationally as free, fair and credible. The number of litigations attendant upon the 2011 general elections was drastically reduced as a consequence of the credibility of that election.

4. Separation of Powers has over the years grown under the PDP leadership. The three arms of government especially at the centre currently operate with least interference, having mastered the institutional checks and balances among them. This maturity developed over the years is instrumental in the elimination of the friction that marked the executive — legislature relationship in the first five years of the dispensation.

5. The rule of law which was made a cardinal principle of governance under President Yar’Adua has remained at the top burner under President Jonathan. We have in Dr, Goodluck Jonathan, a President who could bend to any extent to ensure that the law rules in all circumstances.

6. The strength of the PDP as big and truly national political party has been such a catalyst on the unity and oneness of Nigeria. It has provided leadership that saw the nation through several challenges in the last twelve years. Take for example the ill health and subsequent demise of President Yar’ Adua and the ability of the PDP to weather the succession dispute that shook the nation. Remember again, the predictions of some foreign powers that Nigeria would not survive the 2011 general elections.

7. Nigeria now has the freedom of information act which bolsters in no small measure, transparency and accountability without which good governance cannot be.

8. Under the PDP leadership, Nigeria has been fastracked into the digital world of information technology. The mobile telecoms market in Nigeria which started in 2001 is rated as the fastest growing in the world. The PDP government indeed provided the enabling environment for investments in this sector to thrive.

9. The PDP government has also steadied the ship of the Nigerian economy which was hitherto threatened by activities of militants in the Niger Delta region. Through the well articulated amnesty programme, aggrieved insurgents have been re-integrated into the Nigerian society and now productively engaged in fruitful activities.

10. The PDP has also embarked on a massive infrastructure revamp drive which has witnessed improvement in various sectors. The railways have seen massive investments across the country. Thousands of kilometres of roads, which were hitherto death-traps are witnessing massive rehabilitation. The Benin-Lagos road, Onitsha-Owerri Road, the East-West road, Kano-Maiduguri Road etc. are examples of previously abandoned projects which have received life under the PDP led Federal Government.

11. The dredging of the Niger to create a vibrant inland water ways system is one on the most innovative and revolutionary measures ever undertaken in Nigeria’s chequered history.

12. One of the biggest impediments to the timely delivery of goods and services in Nigeria has been congestions at our ports. The PDP Federal Government in tackling this have initiated reforms and rehabilitation of the ports in Lagos, Onne, Port Harcourt, Ibiaka and Koko Ports in Warri. The reforms are aimed at expanding the capacity of the ports to handle huge volumes of transactions more efficiently.

13. The PDP Government recognises that no meaningful development can be achieved without strong financial institutions in place. This is the reason why the government has consistently paid attention to strengthening the banking system to enable them meet their obligations to customers. Access to credit can only be guaranteed when the bank move from mere centres to catalysts for development.

14. The PDP has instilled a culture of accountability and probity in public life. This is evident in the various trials and convictions undertaken by our anti-graft agencies where even high ranking members of the PDP have not been spared when found wanting.

15. The PDP government has been out the vanguard of creating a vibrant private sector driven economy. The privatization programme of government which has seen government divesting from direct control of companies have resulted in greater efficiency.

16. In the international circles, Nigeria had moved from being a pariah state to an influential voice since the inception of the PDP Government. Our pride as a regional, continental and global power block has been enhanced since we assumed the saddle of leadership.

Under the PDP Government, the private sector has been on the rise, contributing millions of jobs and the overall Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country which today stands at over $500 Billion from $170 Billion in 2005.

The PDP led Federal Government, under the able leadership of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCFR) is even poised to achieve more under the current transformation agenda and will therefore not be distracted by doom Sayers who have shown little forth in the corporate existence of Nigeria.