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A Message For Gov Akpabio: Akwa Ibom State PMS sells for N180 per liter.

By Oruk Anam
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The hike in fuel price has been going on in Uyo and environs for sometime now. While others are selling at the approved pump price of N97, we've been buying fuel for 140 and now fuel its N180 per liter. This has caused a lot of hardship for Residents of Uyo, we call on the relevant authorities to rise up & act now, regulate and revert the price back to the approved N97, in all filling stations. Why should we be robbed this way? We are suffering in Uyo, our people are suffering. Let's wake up and fight against this evil.

Though Gov. Godswill Akpabio while supporting removal of subsidy during the january protest said Akwa Ibom people refused to join in the Nation-wide protest because they are used to buying fuel above the stipulated pump price.

But should we suffer like this?
I call on well meaning Akwa Ibomites to rise to the occasion and condemn this fraud and perverted oppression of the good people of Akwa Ibom State.

Like a friend of mine puts it, one can't be bathing in a flowing stream and be complaining that the soapy leather has gotten into ones eyes.

We can't be producing Oil and wallowing in want, why?

The Government should come out of their tinted vehicles and see what the masses are passing through.

Heaven alone is ok o!
Akwa Ibom idoho ok!
Who else?
Michael Ukanga Asuquo Mathew
Oruk Anam, Akwa Ibom State.

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