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Former Military Governor of old Kaduna State, Col Abubakar Dangiwa Umar (retd), yesterday came hard on the political elite, saying that the discussion about the 2015 presidency is disgusting.

Besides being selfish, Umar further said that instead for politicians to address the security situation, most importantly, the up North that is burning, all that political class could discuss is 2015 presidency. 'You know it is very disgusting to hear some of our political elite talking about who is going to be the President in 2015, when we are currently in a kind of state of emergency, where the nation is under attack from only intended purposes.

'The upper northern part of Nigeria, is now under serious threat or is under constant attack to the extent that lives and property are not guaranteed.'The upper northern part of Nigeria is under serious attack from militants and yet, instead of the political elite to pay attention to how we can resolve this crisis, people are talking about who is going to be the President in 2015.

'It is part of the impunity of our political elite. So, one will appeal to them to please, understand that people are dying daily, businesses are closing down and so, the immediate task now is how to resolve this crisis rather than talk about who is going to be the President in the next three years,' Umar told Daily Sun exclusively. While saying that the discussion was not particular to Northern political leaders, Umar noted that it was unfortunate that all the political elite are involved in the discussion.

'What this shows is that people are looking for cheap ways of making gain. Politics seems to be the only business that is going on in this country. Either this street is closing down, there is so much threat to lives and property; people are still talking about who is going to be the President. So, it is not only in the North.

'Yeah, I realized that the Northern elite are also talking so much about who is going to be the President, but you see, it is all over and that is not our priority now. Our priority is to face this threat, national threat posed by militancy and this is what people should pay attention to rather than being concerned about who is going to be the President in the next three years,' Umar warned.