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Deceit: The Second Coming of Gary Foxcroft

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Mr. Gary Foxcroft of Stepping Stones Nigeria, should I say welcome back; as you had earlier signed off from this medium? I read your write-up and your refreshed journey to whoop money on the deprived and abandoned children of Akwa Ibom State. I felt very disappointed, to say the least! I have now abandoned your camp to be a lone voice in the wilderness.

Coming to praise the government now and blame your former partner makes me to now suspect you. And I will from now on be watching you very closely. But I can assure you that you are soon to shoot yourself on the leg.

You sound to be blaming CRARN now for your failure to release fund for the children you used to solicit for fund and make yourself extremely rich. With all the money, you could not fence the place round as seen in my last visit when UNICEF went there for a commissioning event.

Though, I praise your work, but seeing that the place was not fenced round makes me to now realize that with all big-mouthing and boasting; and with recent financial Release, Jesus wept!

Mrs. Unoama Akpabio never visited CRARN Children Centre for once to give succor to the children she is now making money from, which want us believed she is the Mother Theresa of our time, with your new romance, after the rat race.

If she ever did which believe NOT there is NO news about that and NO trace of that. After exploiting the Akwa Ibom children you ran away from them and be talking about Niger Delta Children. In your self-made documentary of the 'witch' children, can you point out one single child who is no from Akwa Ibom State? No, you cannot.

The wife of the Governor is now collecting the sum N30m monthly only for feeding the children, while you were giving N400, 000 monthly feeding and medication, with all the money you collected, from available records.

You are now telling us that the children are now taken good care of than when you were supporting. Good irony! I can tell you that since you abandoned the children with your whisker form of excuses while the children were being starved.

Anyway, why are you trying to bring CRAN again in to your new exploitative machination and new child witch odyssey , if I may ask? Well, it seems your pus is dwindling, and you are now trying to refill it using Akwa Ibom people and children in renewed vigor

I personally know that you have a Hidden Agenda with this your second coming. But we are going to watch you closely. This time not the government but others who have now discovered your gimmick and chicanery.

We must be expecting something from you very soon with your second coming. I personally don't know what you have in stuck this time. But I will rely solely on the words of Mr. A Anthony on July 23, 2011 while responding to this accusation:

'Stepping Stones Nigeria Director Attempts Corrupt Deal With Ex-AG'

"I don't blame all these western idiots. It is Nigerian I blame. A nigeria man,infact Black Africans, rich or poor still has that wrong perception about the white.No, they are just worst than you think.They come here to take advantage of out honest and positive outlook. A typical English man is dishonest, crook, liar and a hypocrite... This is one of them."- A. Anthony.

This assertion may not be true to all white men mostly those from the USA, I happened to have I've worked with some of them, I would say with varied traits but not as the double standard Britons whom majority of Nigeria knows to be very dishonest and fraudulent.

Your renewed attempt to scheme another method of milking from Akwa Ibom children. This time will be resisted. The very government of Gidswill Akpabio you lashed for ineptitude, insecurity, the same government you are praise-singing and challenging others who criticized. The devils you are now trying to dine with know in their hearts that you are not wanted nor welcome!

Aniekan Umanah will remember how you called him, a thief, rogue and a liar. Eunice Thomas will recall how you called her good for nothing commissioner. They will welcome you to their Kingdom of thugs and kidnappers.

For saying that the children are now well fed, dressed makes me see all you are doing as a double standard. A sham, to say the least!

With all the money you made on the head of the children if you, Gary calculate it well NOT up to 1/3 has gone to the children based on your last report on Sahara Reporters and in different media.Yet you keep telling us every now and then about your account with the charity commission in England.

I will strongly advise you not to bring those children again into publicity in order to spin money out of them. We have written good message all this time about you, and wouldn't want to write otherwise. As it is, you are not the one to solve our problem. You even came and met people from Akwa Ibom State, according to you, battling to solve the problem! So you are not the Messiah!

If you were really in Uyo, did you play the Nicodemus? Unlike the very you who like so much publicity and self-praise. I doubt it! At the moment, I am in Uyo for the past three months, never heard of you, as usual with your publicity stunt

So keep the children out of publicity. I have been seeing those children who trek 12km to learn trade with all the huge monthly package Unoma Akpabio collects. I have seen a lot of government cover-up there; and don't to report in the media but just tried to look for an avenue to advise. I have their pictures but didn't want publicity about them again as some of them are growing up 16-17 years or more. You are now looking for ways to get government permission to continue with your old fashioned scheme of drilling money out of the children. LEAVE THOSE CHILDREN ALONE! I warn you!

Thank goodness, Mr Princi! I thought I was all alone seeing the monumental deceit of the man called Gary Foxcroft whom we fought for with his sudden U-turn.

For the children sake, I have refused to bring startling revelation about this white deceit whom a lot of us staked our neck for. Many children are, though some Africans who are in bondage in UK, he can do well to save them, not necessary Akwa Ibom kids. With all the Niger Delta child publicity stunt he is now talking about which of them were in the his self-made documentary? At a point, I wanted to call Sam Itauma stupid for NOT selling Gary to the government after due bargains and government overture. He refused to take money from government when approached in 2009. Gary knows this and cannot deny it. It is what his colleagues have complained bitterly when last I was in Eket.

At least it shows we still have honest men who see MONEY but refused to collect and become Judas.

Foxcroft, just wanting another avenue to further exploit our people and children. If you want information about the stigmatized, children we are the ones to tell you. Your few days junketting and secretly getting into Uyo cannot give you any grasp of what is actually happening.

Essien Ubong
Akwa Ibom Is Blessed!

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