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By Ulonnaya Nwokafor
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I get amazed each time I hear the cliché UKWA NGWA. I have been wondering if there is any such thing as that. If it exists, it must be a logical construct; just in the mind's eye.

We are privy to the gimmicks and deceitful tendencies of the core Ngwa people in terms of sharing of political positions, allocation of resources and authoritative allocation of values. UKWA NGWA will fight, when it comes to sharing of the 'booty' OHA NGWA will emerge. Ukwa people ought to have also known that the average Ngwa man is greedy, selfish, self centered and can only sustain his relationship with you if he is cheating and eating off you. That is the basic character of an Ngwa man. This is apart from saying that they are pathologically lazy and life free life style. There is nothing that sustained the tempo of kidnapping at the time other than the character of an extraction peopled by lazy and indolent fellows.

If you think I do not understand what I am saying, how come of all the over five times UKWA NGWA people were given the opportunity to provide the Deputy Governor of either old Imo or present day Abia, OHA NGWA arm twisted UKWA people? Prince Isaac Uzoigwe an Aba man, a core Ngwa was Sam Mbakwe's deputy governor for two terms. Since then two, we have had Chima Nwafor, Chris Akomas and Acho Nwakanma. Atleast, for the past 23 years or more, the OHA NGWA deceit has been manifesting.

Now that 2015 is fast approaching, they have come again with their inglorious display of fake camaraderie. They will enlist UKWA people who they would use to do their bidding. They have set up sites to malign the present Government and Governor using UKWA people as dependable allies. As soon as it is time to share their spoils of war, it would now be OHA NGWA.

We know them, men who are cunning, deceitful and hardly enterprising. Yes, the average Ngwa man is not enterprising. Look around Aba as a metropolitan city, point out one singular intimidating edifice or venture owned by an Ngwa man. From Faulks Road to Okigwe Road, down to Aba Owerri Road and Port Harcourt Road, the Ngwa man is a chronic bystander, confirmed onlooker and the fellow who wishes to reap where he did not sow. Yet, they run things; they outshine UKWA people who they use with reckless abandon to achieve their purpose.

When you closely watch the activities of these NGWA people, you would be shocked at the final analysis. Look at UZOR AZUBUIKE, what he lost in size; he gained in being cunning and selfish. Uzor is about the stingiest politician of Ngwa extraction, though Enyinnaya Abaribe would contest keenly with him for that position. Chris Nkwonta (an honest UKWA MAN) came and did well to empower UKWA NGWA people as build up to Senatorial elections of 2015. He accommodated everybody. What did Abaribe do? He reserved his money for Police and Army. That was why you saw that show of shame at Enyimba Stadium during the primaries. That is the difference between an NGWA MAN and his UKWA 'BROTHER'. Uzor Azubuike is busy amassing for himself. Today, his former houseboy is the Chairman (Executive) of Aba North Local Government Area. He has been at the forefront of NGWANISING everything especially the leadership of Aba North. Now, selfishly he has had his way. Meanwhile, Aba is a foremost metropolitan city made up people from all tribes and ethnic groups. The NGWA man is the least prominent yet their selfish leaders would want others (including their UKWA neighbors) to steer clear.

To tell you how selfish and self centered these NGWA people could be, Uzor Azubuike is erroneously seen as a core T.A Orji apologist. Under his nose and his watchful eyes, his NGWA brothers have been hauling stones, dangerous objects and unreasonably criticizing his friend the Governor. What has Uzor done? NOTHING! He is obviously preparing the ground for an NGWA Governor come 2015. He has never publicly berated his brothers for the way and manner they have disparaged office of the Governor. That is why he is an NGWA MAN.

Abaribe is no different. It was reported that during the yuletide season, he gathered his NGWA kinsmen at ROWMAY GUEST HOUSE OGBOR HILL to politely declare war against the State Government. The immediate result of that meeting was the facebook page they call The Abia Awakening (TAA). Their sole objective is to frustrate TA Orji Government. What has Abaribe done? NOTHING! That is what makes him an NGWA MAN

The point is UKWA PEOPLE should retrace their steps and denounce this unholy, lopsided and deceit – centered alliance with NGWA PEOPLE. They are better together with OLD BENDE. By the way, no NGWA MAN can win Governorship elections in Abia without OLD BENDE votes, apparently the area with most votes. UKWA PEOPLE should begin to look at the possibility of carving a personality for and distance themselves from a people so annoyingly selfish and self – centred.

A word is enough for the wise.

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