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There is likelihood that the Boko Haram sect might have killed its present spokesman, Abu Qaqa II, last week. The new spokesman, who took over from Abu Qaqa I, who is now with the State Security Services (SSS) on detention after his arrest in January, was accused of planning to defect sometime last week.

The killing, according to reliable security sources, was at the behest of the group's leader, Abubakar Shekau.

Earlier in the year, shortly after his arrest, Abu Qaqa I had revealed that death for a member suspected of defection plan or disloyalty is always the only option. He had said that such applies especially to members who are non-Kanuri like the sect leader, Shekau.

Qaqa noted that even the members sent on suicide missions by compulsion must never be Kanuri, which is how the leader safeguards his tribesmen from death, while exposing others to bombing that consumes their lives.

Since Abu Qaqa II was accused of trying to denounce the sect after intensive trailing by the security agency that saw him changing locations severally, his group felt the best for him was death.

Abu Qaqa II whose real name is Mohammed Anwal Kontagora was from Kontagora in Niger State. He took the name Abu Qaqa in February this year after the original Abu Qaqa, 42, also known as Abu Dardaa, Mohammed Shuaibu, Mohammed Bello, Abu Tiamiya and Abdulrahman Abdullahi, was arrested.

Kontagora, like his predecessor, was non-Kanuri, so his case as applicable to every non-Kanuri was said to have been decided summarily by the sect leader. After elimination of the spokesman, the source revealed that Boko Haram is shopping for a new spokesperson that would be dubbed Abu Qaqa III. The vacuum created by Abu Qaqa II's assassination was said to have been responsible for the silence of Boko Haram over the Easter Sunday killing in Kaduna by the group.

The sect never owned up or disassociated itself from the Easter Sunday bomb blast that killed so many commercial motorcyclists and tea vendors.