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Fresh Bomb Scare In Kaduna

Listen to article can report that after the Easter Sunday's suicide bomb attack in Kaduna, residents of the state have continued to live in terror, as the city on Tuesday witnessed another bomb scare.

According a resident, who spoke to, the bomb scare was as a result of a paper bag noticed in the neighbourhood of last Sunday's blast, which residents and commuters suspected to be an undetonated bomb.  

Sources revealed that the police bomb disposal unit which was subsequently notified about the strange object responded promptly as they quickly cordoned off the place for safety purposes on their arrival at the spot.  

The mystery surrounding the suspected explosive was however unravelled as it later turned out to be an empty paper bag, after one Abdullahi Olya, ignored safety measures and opened the bag to see its contents.  

'Realizing that the bag does not contain any explosive device, the boy went to the place, picked it up and emptied the content to the admiration of the people who were already caught up in anxiety. Shortly afterwards the police moved in and arrested the boy.'  

nt boy, Abdullahi Olya was immediately apprehended by the police and taken into custody, after traffic had mounted up due to the confusion that ensued following the arrest of the young man. An eyewitness who pleaded for anonymity said, 'Abdullahi Olya came from Jemaa road and used a long stick to turn out the bag's suspected contents and it was discovered that it contained nothing as no blast was heard.