Is he into you?

By ghanamma
Is he into you?
Is he into you?

It's the single season, and chances are you're out and about meeting new people all the time. Have you perhaps met a new guy but you're not sure whether he's into you or not?

Some of us are go getters, while some of the more traditional girls need some kind of encouragement when it comes to pursuing a new interest. Sometimes the signals guys send can leave us totally confused, but chances are if he's showing most of these below, then there's a good chance that he's into you. What you do next however, is up to you…

Eye contact. If he's looking into your eyes every time you talk, it shows he's completely focused and interested in what you have to say.

The gentle touch. Gentle touches on the arm or back are a sure sign a guy's into you unless he's just a touchy-feely guy with just about everyone.

He hunts you down. If he just happens to keep showing up at places you hang out (and you hadn't seen him there until recently) it's probably not an accident. Take advantage and strike up a conversation.

Body language. When there's no attraction between two people, they keep a safe distance between their bodies. But if you find your man leaning in closer when you have a conversation it's a sign he's into you and wants to get closer.

He's spread the word. If his friends seem to know about you, especially more than they should from an occasional meeting then you know he's talking about you.

You're a hit. If this guy likes you, he'll probably laugh every time you crack a joke, whether it's funny or not.

He remembers every detail. You told him months ago about something and he remembers every detail. It shows he's really listening.

He's in with your friends. From the moment he met your friends he made an effort to remember all their names, and he really makes an effort to talk to them and get to know more about you through them. If he's getting to know them too well then he's probably more into them.

He's interested in learning about you. He doesn't just ask frivolous questions, like what you do, what you're favourite color is etc… but things like, what makes you tick, what are your future plans, who are your closest friends. If you are doing all the asking and he never reciprocates he's most likely just getting his ego stroked.

He asks you out. The book 'He's Just Not That Into You', clearly states that if you are the one doing all the asking out then there's a good chance he's not that into you. Fact is, if he likes you, he will know how to get hold of you, and yes, he will ask you out. But that being said, there is no harm in you initiating a date at least once.

He calls when he says he's going to. And if he doesn't, he'll call as soon as possible afterwards.