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Officials of the Federal Fire Service have urged Nigerian Air Force personnel to ensure that they control their children and wards on the use of lighters and firecrackers during the Easter period.

The Assistant Chief Fire Officer of the Federal Fire Service, Onikan, Lagos, Mrs. Elizabeth Salau, told the personnel that fire was man's longstanding friend, adding that despite that, fire could be regarded as man's worst enemy.

She spoke during a seminar session and fire drills, organized by the Commander 107 Nigerian Air Force Camp in Victoria Island, Group Captain Emmanuel Akinbayo, urging the Airforce personnel to always ensure that they contact fire service personnel immediately they noticed fire incident within their premises.

Mrs. Salau said the essence of the drill was to give the personnel, the necessary training to enable them combat fire before the arrival of fire service men.

She said: 'There are four classes of fire and each can be extinguished using different methods. The first is class A which can be caused by free burning material like seats, airconditioners and curtains, while the class B can be caused by fuel, kerosene and other liquefied products.'

The official of the fire service said that these classes of fire could be fought differently, adding that while water could be used to combat the first class of fire, chemical foams were the necessary agents needed to fight the class B type of fire.

She explained that fire stands on a tripod to cause havoc, pointing to Oxygen, Fuel and Heat as the tripod upon which fire can stand to escalate.

To control fire, she added, 'You need to shoot down one of the tripods on which it stands.'

While warning officers and men of the force to ensure good use of their power generating set, both at home and in the office, the fire official urged them to avoid refilling their generator while the engine is on, adding that, 'it could be suicidal.'

Group Captain Akinbayo leading other officers and men of the 107 NAF Camp engaged in fire drills on how to combat fire.

He thanked the officials of the Federal Fire Services for providing the necessary education on how to fight fire to the officers and men of the force.