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Otaru of Auchi’s outburst- “Edo north rejects PDP’s Deputy Governorship slot” an unpardonable insult to Edo South people. A statement endorsed by Edo Unity League.

By Edo Unity League
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One of the most notorious ways to refer to a people as fools is to convey it in an idiomatic expression (George Hendrix, 1909-1979). Such is the views publicly expressed by the Otaru of Auchi, in a clear reference to the emergence of a Bini intelligentsia (Gen. Charles Ehigie Airhiavbere rtd.) as the Governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party. It is widely believed that the statement made by the Otaru is like an oracle in the Etsako axis of Edo north district. This is why it has become expedient to counter the foolish toga, and an unprovoked attack that he has launched against the Binis.

The Binis constitute 60 per cent of Edo state population; Edo South senatorial district which is the core geographic base of the Binis constitute about 57 per cent of the state's geographical territory; the oil minerals on which the State derives its oil derivation from the federation account is entirely exploited from Edo South soil; the senatorial district provides about 70 per cent of Edo state's internally generated revenue (at least, Mr. Oseni Elamah led Board of Internal Revenue can confirm this claim). Whereas, out of the need to show UNCOMMON LOVE to Edo North senatorial district, the Binis's having been favorably disposed to a candidate from the senatorial district, the Lucky Igbinedion administration gave enormous moral, financial and spiritual support for the Action Congress Governorship candidate in the 2007 election, albeit underground; while we the (Binis) humbly settled for the post of a Deputy Governor. The Binis did not grumble over the deputy Governorship slot in spite of our democratic strength. We are therefore taking aback, if not a generational insult, by the statement credited to the Otaru of Auchi “that Edo North reject's PDP's zoning of Deputy Governorship post to their senatorial district on account that they already have a state Governor from their district”- published in Punch and Vanguard newspapers of Thursday 29thMarch 2012. This is gravely unfair to the Binis; with one voice, we must see to it that the tide is reversed come July 14th election!

Upon assumption of office, a man who led various labour struggles to detest seeming anti-labour policies and programs in Nigeria, virtually ensured that the state's civil service is 'mo' dominated at the detriment of Edo South and Edo Central people; he religiously skewed Edo State contracts awarding process in favor of Edo North people, under the tutelage of one Agba who is a metaphoric Enogie of Works and Environment ministries; ensures that his cabal enjoys the UBE contracts patronage, as every contractor are made to purchase roofing sheets and furniture from His Excellency's agents; he has ensured that the quantum of construction works in Edo South can never be at par with Edo North were fresh construction works are being done in kilometers, unlike Edo south were petty reconstruction works are being executed; he has ensured that the Benin moats and other monuments erected in the National Museum and Monuments outlet in King's square are demolished or defaced under the guise of beautification works, while the priceless works of our ancestors are turned into tartars; has ensured that outstandingly vibrant appointees from Edo South region are deprived of their entitlements in order to undermine their leadership acumen and ethnic-nationalist disposition, while preferring lumpen petty-proletariats who will offer blind-loyalty to his chauvinistic schemes. Of a fact, some tribes in Edo North are grossly marginalized on account of perceived cultural and historical antecedents by the Etsako's. Surely, all oppressed and repressed Edo people shall be free from political and economic bondage, orchestrated by the COME-RAID Government of Edo state, via the election of a detribalized Edo man, who is an ordained gift to the Peoples Democratic Party- Gen. Charles Ehigie Airhiavbere (rtd.).

The palace of the Otaru of Auchi has become a Mecca of sought; as a few culturally and politically brainwashed Edo South appointees and politicians queue-up to seek His Royal Highness's blessings for UBE, and EDSOPADEC contracts, a coveted trust reposed on him by the Governor. It is therefore not surprising to see the Otaru canvassing extreme political views in favor of his son cum Governor. 'He who pays the piper dictates its tunes'. Now that the Binis are conscious of the ungratefulness of Etsako ruling elites, we will certainly live no stone unturned to ensure that the short sighted COME RAID is voted-out of office in the gubernatorial election. We are not unaware of how these apologists mock our traditional rulers on account of their children and wards that are serving in the ruling government; without taking cognizance of the desperate pressures mounted by the Governor to see that a vast members of the Royal family serves in the state government in order to curry unnecessary sympathy from the Binis, NOW THAT THE GAME PLAN IS CLEAR, our people will rise to the occasion, and ensures that their own son from Edo South is elected as Governor.

“Oghomwan gha re' otien, ari Ikalaba” (when your own person is in a position, you look nowhere else for succor).

Mr. Felix Eghianruwa- Secretary General
1st April 2012.