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My two-part tribute to the late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, the Ezeigbo Gburugburu published in the Daily Sun of February 17, 2012 and March 2, 2012 respectively attracted tremendous calls and some text messages by readers, all eulogizing the sterling qualities that endeared the late Igbo icon to them. Ojukwu in life and death was great.

The outpouring of grief and encomiums over his death by practically all Nigerians demonstrates that he is a person very much loved by his people and Nigerians. Ojukwu made death desirable and even glamorous. His death is a lesson to those aspiring to positions of leadership in the country of the need to be selfless and to always be on the side of the people. Ojukwu was born into wealth, yet he was humble to a fault.

He was a lesson in sacrifice and leadership. I hope those scrambling to replace him can truly learn from the Ikemba example instead of wearing Ojukwu title as if Ojukwu is an Ozo title that can be bestowed on anyone. Let them know that Ojukwu achieved pre-eminence by virtue of his role in the Nigeria/Biafra conflict of 1967-1970 and his composure since then. The late charismatic leader did not solicit for any title. All his titles were bestowed on him on self-recognition. Since it is a way our readers can also pay their lasting tribute to the late icon, I hereby publish some of them that space could allow. Please enjoy them.

Ikemba's good life
Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu lived a good life worthy of emulation by our current leaders. He was a man that believed in justice and oneness of Nigeria. May his soul rest in peace.

Gordon Nnorom, Abia State, 08084475093.
Patriotic leader
My dear Robert, Your tribute to our great patriotic leader, the late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu on page 19 of Daily Sun of March 2, 2012 is a masterpiece. I commend you for your courage. Keep it up.

ACG Sam Udo Onyemachi, NSCDC, Lagos. 08034930920.
Ojukwu lives forever
My brother, keep writing. May your pen never run dry! I am proud to know that you are from my area. Forever lives Ojukwu!

Ralph Anthony Okonkwo, 07032027653.
Proud of Ojukwu
You are a brother indeed. I am an Uli man. I am grateful to you all at The Sun Newspapers for honouring the late Ikemba. I was born two years after the war ended but I will forever be proud of what Ojukwu and Igbo professionals did at that time. Thank you.

Dr. Chidi Emeniru, 08026817901.
Robert my brother, your write-up in the Daily Sun of March 2, 2012 captioned 'My memories of Ojukwu (2) is a heart-breaking one. Do you know that I could not hold my tears the moment I read where you wrote: 'with the introduction of jet fighters by Gowon?' Why I could not hold my tears is because what Gowon committed is genocide and war crime under the international law and is a punishable offence. Gowon should by now face the same charges that Charles Taylor and Hosni Mubarak, to mention a few, are facing now. Therefore, we the Igbos should call for such now.

Charles Nwigwe, Port Harcourt, 08037315412.
My hero
Thank you for that write-up on my hero, Ojukwu, in the Daily Sun of yesterday (March 2, 2012).

Ojukwu lives on!
Your piece on Ojukwu vividly reminds me of the civil war days in my village around Ahiara. You are a true Igbo son. You belong to my generation. Eze Igbo Gburugburu, Odumegwu-Ojukwu lives on.

IG Nwachiwu, 08033375292.
A prophet, a messiah
Ojukwu was a prophet, a messiah. But like all prophets, he was never heeded. History will judge who wanted to divide Nigeria.

Felix Okpe, Badawa, Kano. 08064626732.
Our Lion
Hello Mr. Obioha, Thanks for your tribute on our Lion. I cried while reading your article because we have a lot in common. I also was a member of the Biafran Boys Company and we operated around Nkpor junction in 1969 at the age of eleven. Ojukwu made me fearless and I am proud of it. I am a Biafran and I have no apology for that.

Toochukwu Nnabueze, 08033293265.
Agu chere Igbonile
My brother Obioha, You have said it all. God bless you. Nna anyi Ojukwu is Agu chere Igbonile. Please my brother, help me warn our Igbo sons and daughters who are now killing themselves to desist from doing so. Agu chere Igbos is gone and tears are still on our cheeks.

Job, Umunoha, Owerri. 07085650504.
The encomiums on Ikemba
Hi Bob, Good morning! Those encomiums that they heaped on our late Ikemba (May his soul rest in peace) are not folly. They are not pretences. Neither are they hypocrisy. They mean every bit of what they said. The truth cannot be hidden forever in any circumstance. It has a way of sprouting and blossoming with time. The truth is that they had always known the truth but were afraid or refused to admit it or say it. That remains the bane of Nigeria. Until we learn to tell the truth and pursue it, freedom is way off.

Chuks Ogala, Lagos. 08033251912.
Naivety as strength
Rob, the strength of your article of February 17, 2012 lies in its naivety. Keep it up.

Prof. Sam Uzochukwu, Anambra State University, Igbariam.

Another Half of a Yellow Sun
Nostalgic; reminds me of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Half of a Yellow Sun. Hope to read more next week.

Remain blessed. 08032930433.
Robert, I read your article of February 17, 2012 with interest. It is good but I recall that the late Major-Gen Johnson Thomas Umunnakwe Aguiyi-Ironsi was the Supreme Commander of Nigerian Armed Forces. 08033812011.

Tribute to Ojukwu
Good day Mr. Obioha, I enjoy your write-up in the Daily Sun newspaper of February 17, 2012. May the soul of our hero rest in perfect peace. God bless you. Sampson Egbe, Cross River Central. 07034757045.

Want 'Memories of Ojukwu'
Well done for your piece on 'My memories of Ojukwu (2). Please I would like to have 'My memories of Ojukwu (1) and Saturday Sun of March 3, 2012.

Gregory Adimonyemma.
The Great Igbo icon
Sir, I read your piece, 'My memories of Ojukwu (2) in the Daily Sun of March 2, 2012 and was happy for the glowing tribute you paid the Great Igbo icon; Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, the Ikemba Nnewi and Ezeigbo Gburugburu. He deserved all the encomiums that are being poured on his demise for his selfless service to Ndigbo and humanity in general. Though born almost a decade after the end of the Biafran war, but as the last son of the first educated teacher in our town, Amaruru in Orsu LGA of Imo State, I was fully aware and knowledgeable through my dad, mum and older siblings and books on the Biafran war, of the various issues you remembered and raised in the piece. Thank you so much. This has endeared me to you and being equally one of the rare voices of the people of Orsu LGA in the national stage gives me great joy to associate with you. Over the years, I have been in the forefront of the advancement of our youth empowerment programmes. I am looking forward that in the near future, we will be working together for the betterment and well-being of our people. Thank you and remain blessed.

Desmond Chibuzo Unaegbu, Port Harcourt, 08037837780.