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THE Management of Joe Yomi maritime services has protested the illegal demolition of its office by  officials of the Lagos State Task Force on environment and other related offences, a development he said has disrupted the company's source of income.

Speaking to Vanguard from his hospital bed, Joe Yomi's   Managing Director Chief Abayomi Akerele stated that he has been operating from that particular point since 1975.

He also stated that the notice of demolition was served on him 48 hours before the officials of the Task Force led by one Superintendent of Police Bayo Suleiman came to pull down his office.

He explained that he was not in the office when the Task Force came adding that as soon as his boys informed him of the presence of the Task Force in his premises, he made frantic effort to retrieve monies he had kept in the office a day before the exercise and two new outboard engines.

Akerele disclosed that officials of the team refused him access to his office to get his personal belonging thereby losing over N3million and other priced possessions.

As at the time of this report, Akerele was recuperating in an  hospital on Victoria Island as he was yet to recover from the shock he suffered as a result of the demolition of his office.

His words 'About two days ago, one Mr Suleiman who calls himself Chairman of the Task Force came to my office and dropped a paper he called notice of demolition at about 6.00 P .M.

'I tried to plead with to give me time to move my things out of the office as the notice was too short for to have mobilised for my properties to be moved.

'I have a lot of things in my office and I can see some members of the Task Force passing through the back into my office and I have money I could not take to the bank the previous day because of I got the money late.