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It's been a big issue in Ghana for quite a while now that many Ghanaian big babes don't wear pants. This has made a lot pronounced because lately a lot of female musicians have been caught without pants.

Recently, sexy songstress Efya waded into that controversy when an unnamed Ghanaian female musician was captured by News-one camera without any underwear during a public performance.

The artiste's unfortunate choice of wardrobe-clothes without any underwear left her naked s*x organ exposed, but mostly to the sharpest of eyes, including News one cameras.

Efya said it would be hypocritical to say she was not aware that some girls now find it trendy to get all dolled up without wearing panties.

We learnt that the girls call that type of dressing 'ready to fight'.

Efya said it would be difficult to explain why her fellow ladies chose not to wear panties when they dressed up because she had never tried that in her entire life Sometimes girls don't wear panties but I haven't done it before though it is not a big deal. Many girls do it Efya added.

Putting it on record that she had never dressed up without wearing panties suggests that Efya could not be the unnamed female musician who went on stage and was captured exposing her naked p**sy.

When News one asked what her opinion on the issue was,Efya noted Maybe there was a situation but I don't think it was intentional. I have not tried it before and I will not do so in the future because now everybody will be looking out for which artiste is wearing panties and who is not because it has happened to someone. I will not dare do that

Various reasons have been given as to why several Ghanaian girls in recent times dress up without wearing panties and the most common of reasons seems to be that the panties make them feel uncomfortable, depending on the type of clothing they wear.

The section of Ghanaian girls who dress up 'underwear less' mostly do so when they put on jean trousers or any other tight trousers.

The explanation is that the outline of the panties through the trousers is distasteful.

Ghanaian songstress, Efya