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Mark has made a mark for recognition

By Abba Jarumai
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Is now that Nigerians have the opportunity to select their leaders by judging their actions and behaviors during this time when the society is passing through a psychological and moral crisis, produced by an hysterical wave of materialism,where wealth and not morality is the standard of honour and respect. Educated classes and even teachers and religious leaders are swept away by the strong current of materialism; they become like small pieces of minced meat put in the salt whìch quickly dissolve in it. However,there are some people who stood against this strong materialistic tidal wave inundating everything that stands in its way. The recent most shameful discovery of large scale of embezzlement made from Police Pension fund meant for the payment of retirees an act that annoyed His Excellency the Senate President who desribed the actors of these heineous crime as people who could feed on human corpses and drink human blood, he also told them the

conquences of eating the old men money wilk not augar well for them and all their near reletives. The concern shown by His Excellency the Senate President on the Pension Scam proves that good leadership is the way that can bring good gorvernonce and meaningful developement and pieceful coexistence. I want to use this opportunity to appeal to the Senate President to use his good offices to force CIPPO,Gwagwalada to pay its pensioners their entitldment . Abba jarumai,Tudun Katsira,Katsina

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