What Makes Us Daydream?

By Daily Graphic
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Is there anyone who doesn't daydream sometimes? It's rather nice, in fact, to daydream. We find ourselves doing some pleasant things, enjoying a great triumph, accomplishing something we want very much, or getting something we long to have.

Daydreaming is actually a form of dreaming, only it is done while we are awake. Night dreaming is done while we are asleep. That is the only difference between them, since both are done when the dreamer is so relaxed that he pays no attention to what goes on around him. Then his thoughts can wander wherever they want.

For this reason, both sorts of dreams are often about strange persons, animals or situations that could not possibly exist in real life.

Night dreams are even more unusual and unrealistic than daydreams because in the sleep people have almost no control over what they think.

It is interesting to note that there are two kinds of daydreams that children have but adults do not: The daydream of the “imaginary playmate” etc.

A child, if he has few friends to play with, may daydream that he has a playmate. Another child likes to imagine that he is “special” — that he is really a prince or princess and that his parents are a king and a queen. Such parents are royalty.

From this you can see that in daydreams we usually express something we need or want. In night dreams, we often express not only such things but also things that frighten us.

Daydreams may give a person what he wants but cannot have in real life. In some cases, they help the dreamer to plan ways of doing things in reality.

Night dreams, in disguising the dreamer's feelings and granting his wishes, may help him to remain asleep and to get his rest.

A dream is something you tell yourself. A dream has a special meaning for the person who creates it.

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