Ghanaian women Today - A new pressure

By Mercy Adede Bolus

Some single unmarried women use their children or boyfriends to get closer married women.

This is happening all over in the develop and under developed world among our own people.

Don't be fooled ladies when you met such ladies.

They will find a way of getting to know you that you are happy or affluent and then they set their agenda to destroy you and yoru family. Such ladies are only after material waelth and will seek them.

They could try and get into the family unit through sleep overs etc and then get to know the family networks.

Once this intelligence is gathered they strike. Don't lose your man to a girlfriend or any family member.

Check all so called Xmas presents your supposed friends wrap for your family. They would sleekly put one in for your husband. When you find such a present just unwrap check the present and give it to someone else.

Women be aware as those type of Xmas present are just a coy to get at you and the family and destroy your Xmas festivities. This is not most married women do not know. Don't be naive when you see such presents act as if you seen a fire coming your direction. For those Xmas presents given to your husbands could be a start of a new relationship in front of your eyes.

Sometimes such women could also invite the whole family for a Xmas dinner. Women be wiser and never go with your husbands for such invites.

Trusting some women in the category as stated could be ending your own relationship.

Women watch out your friends and even some family members scrutinise them very well before letting these types of women into your home. Chance this and you would be signing your divorce papers unknowingly.

Smart women spot the signs from such ladies, as they are capable of scratching other people husbands by hook or crook.
So what are the signs.

These types of women would deliberately befriend you with their hidden agenda. They then become over friendly to your husbands, tend to smile to win attention, cook to attract your husband attention that they are good cooks, and some house mates etc.
Never these group to lure your man to their Santa grotto.
Never discuss your up and down of your relationship to anyone in an unpleasant relationship.

Some women of this category could be professionals or non-professionals and possibly have a child or children from unpleasant relationship.

Listen to their stories of unpleasant relationships and help them by referring them on to their GP, counsellors or church. Never ever take over some one problems as many Ghanaian ladies do. Remember you are not the expert in this family. Otherwise are being vulnerable yourself and creating a room for someone to destroy your family.

Your expertise is sticking to your own unique family unit not someone elses.

Watch out ladies and be smart enough to protect your family.

Ghanaian men! Be on your guard for your families by ignoring these signals coming from some ladies. Do refer these when you meet them as discussed above. You never know as some may be suffering from an untreated postnatal depression hence seeking attention by these actions. Help such ladies and don't assume that they are in love it may be a sign for help.

Some are very lonely and feel isolated, as our adopted culture is not favourable to our own of life. Some in fact, end up in psychiatric hospital and even that in some cases family ties have been severed.

Warning signs do watch out women, when friends appear to be over friendly to your partners. There may be something brewing a new relationship that would never know.

Many married women are loosing their husbands to close friends. Modern technology have made it even easier for everyone but at a price.

Ladies be the winner in this game not a victim.

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