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We are in the midst of many relationship failures, heart breaks, selfishness and increasing tendency for single life but one thing is certain.

All human beings need love and have to love. If you are looking for love, you are not alone, but you must know what love is and looks like and this helps us to know where and how to meet true love.

Significance of true love

There has never been and there will never be lack of relationships because there are always enough men and women who love one another. Relationships are abundant everywhere and right under your nose.

We can also add that a relationship is hard work and for life. It is about doing whatever it takes to make your partner happy unconditionally. It is about a decision that if it should take only one person to make a relationship work, it must be you.

Where to find love

The irony is, love comes when you don't look for it. The most important thing is to have self-esteem. This is the foundation for success. You must love and accept yourself. You must also give proper attention to your goals and values. The more you accept yourself as attractive, the more attractive others see you. On the other hand, if you feel unworthy, even good people will make you feel worse.

Be confident. Look good to appear to all senses. Get out and go everywhere you love to go classes, clubs, social activities, sports. Do everything with passion that draws attention and admiration to you. Go about your normal duties and closeness based mainly on physical attributes chances are, you will meet people of similar interests. The closer your interest and values, the more likely the relationship will work.

It is known that some people look for specific qualities and find compatible lovers. Some seek for some qualities but pick something different. Others don't know what they are looking for but get to know when they see the right lovers.

Why some claim not to find love

Some have unrealistic expectations of true love. They feel relationships exist to make them happy and that finding a special person will take away loneliness, insecurity, poverty and give them prosperity, social recognition and abundance of everything. The truth is that even in good relationships we have poverty; pain and sometimes loneliness.

Some people also equate true love with sex, rewards, security, performance and approval. Romantic books, novels and movies have poisoned our minds to make love easy and sweet. We are ignorant that we must work hard to make a relationship work.

Some people, especially women, are sometimes desperate for relationships. Women usually identify themselves by the quality of their relationship. Such people live in fear of not finding love.

Some people, possibly those from failed relationships recoil into themselves, spending time alone in their rooms watching TV or reading. How would anyone know that these people need love and get closer to them?

It is also known that some people set very hard conditions for potential lovers. They insist on ethnicity, educational qualification, height, built and even skin colour. Studies indicate that women are choosier than men. Many Ghanaian women want rich and qualified professionals who can meet all their needs. They limit their own chances of finding prospective lovers.

Some people also boast that they are comfortable, have everything and so do not need a relationship. Fact is that is the very reason to be in a relationship so that you can make a difference in the life of a partner as you give care and share all about you. If you look too much at yourself, you get a bloated image of yourself and alienate most people.

Looking for love?

Love is the meaning of life.

Life is about sharing ourselves and accepting to put our partners' happiness above ours. Love is the best standard for humanity and everything we do.

Love is everywhere. If you haven't found love, it simply means you have done things the wrong way because there is nothing strange about love. Go out often. Live fully, happily and rightly. Talk to people about life but not about your problems. Overcome fears of the future.

Don't look for love. Love will find you as you share your life with others. You will find love and receive favour from your maker. The only value in life is the value of true love. Take it gratefully as it finds you.

Author: John Boakye

Email:[email protected]