Celebrating Our Fathers

By Daily Graphic
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Fathers Day is a special day to honour fathers all over the world. It is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. A woman named Sonora Smart Dodd from Spokane, Washington, DC, conceived the idea of Fathers Day while listening to a Mothers Day sermon in 1909.

Her father, Henry Jackson Smart, had raised her after her mother died and she wanted him to know how special he was to her. Sonora's father was born in June so she chose that month to celebrate the day!

This year, the day fell on June 15. Unlike Mothers Day, most children are not very familiar with the day.

A number of children who are aware of the day observed it with mixed feelings. They tell us about their fathers. Please read on.

Bismark, 15

I heard about the celebration of Fathers Day from my friend. Though I had not saved enough money, I decided to buy my dad a Bible, since I am a good Christian.

I appreciate everything he does for me, such as providing all my needs. I promise him that when I grow up I will also take good care of him.

Philip, 14

I wish my father well in all his endeavours. I love him very much because he corrects me whenever I go wrong and does not scold me.

He is my dad but relates to me like a friend. He plays with my siblings and me and helps us with our homework. But I don't like it when he gets angry, for which reason I always make sure I do the right thing.

Emelia, 14

For me, Fathers Day means nothing. Even though my dad works at Konongo, I hardly see him. For instance, the whole of this year I have seen him only once. It is my mum who provides for me and my two siblings.

I do not miss him since my mum is always there for me. Although I heard of Fathers Day on radio, I don't think I have any reason to celebrate it.

Rose Koranteng, 15

My mum died five years ago and the only one I have left is my dad. Ever since mum died, I have been staying with my auntie, but I always visit my father at Dansoman.

Whatever I ask him he gives to me. Even if he is not able to provide it immediately when he gets money he buys it for me and I appreciate that very much.
 I wish that he could also visit me at home. I want to assure him that I will study hard to make him proud some day. I also pray that his business flourishes.

Ernestina Marfo, 15

I miss my dad whenever I hear of Fathers Day on radio. He died five years ago and whenever I think of him tears roll down my eyes.

He used to buy nice things for me whenever he came home from work. His death was a big blow to the family.
My grandpa is currently taking care of me. I take consolation in the fact that my grandpa is kind to me and treats me well.

In return for his kindness, I will continue to be the good girl I have always been.

Massia, 15

Dad is far away in one of the Asian countries doing business. He has been there for almost four years. I live with my stepmum, since my biological mother is no more. I always miss my dad because my stepmum does not treat me well.

My dad is so nice to me and my sister. He pays my fees regularly and even sends us money for extra things such as braiding our hair and I am grateful for that.
 I wish him well and pray that he comes back to the country soon, since we miss him greatly.

By Hannah A. Amoah