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Primate Babatunde Elijah a renowned seer during his birthday anniversary recently took time out in his usual character to warn Nigerians and in deed the whole world what God has in stock for the New Year. He said among others that Boko Haram would soon be eradicated, but that another deadlier sect would emerge in the nearest future. He also predicted that Nigeria energy would not be stable until 2016. He also talked on what to expect in the political arena come 2015. Excerpts

Whether eminent Nigerians cry out or not, Sovereign National Conference is coming. President Goodluck Jonathan is not the messiah that would lead Nigeria out of the wood.He should not contest 2015 election so that Nigeria's break up will not start from him, because I forsee Nigeria breaking up into four or five nations. Jonathan should not make himself a catalyst for the break up. We need to pray so that we don't loose one of the president's aides.

Petrol price is still going to N141. 2015 will kick start the revolution that will break up Nigeria. We should all get prepared for it. Though Boko Haram will soon fade away, but not during the era of Jonathan. Another sect that is deadlier than Boko Haram would emerge.

We have to pray to God to avert plane crash. We need to pray so that we would not have problems in Lagos and Aba airports. If Peoples Democratic Party is not careful, they would lose central seat in the coming general election. Also if Action Congress of Nigeria is not careful against internal crisis, they would lose some states already in the grip of ACN. New states and local governments are coming. PDP, ACN will soon fade away.. Igbo should forget 2015 presidency unless they put their house together. We need to pray for our political leaders, because, not every member of the National Assembly that starts will complete their tenure; some will be removed through legal means while some will die along the line. Some governors will still lose their seats. Let us pray against crisis in Oyo, Ekiti, Kogi and Ebonyi Houses of Assembly. The crisis in PHCN is not over yet. Our electricity will not be stable until 2016. Great political robbery is coming in 2015; we need to pray seriously against it. We need to pray over our waterways, as pirates would be on the increase in the year.

Jonathan government should work hard in the area of job creation to avoid looming youths uprising. Jonathan is not the messiah that will lead Nigeria out of darkness. God only allowed him so as to do reforms in the area of election sanitisation. Niger-Delta will still go up in crisis.

2012 is a year that God is going to pass through this country and the world at large. Let us take it from Nigeria. We need to pray for the economy of this country. God showed me that our economy would nosedive. The price of food will skyrocket so much that, the food meant for the common man would vanish from their table. The salary of workers though increased, which I have predicted before, would still cause crisis between labour and various state governments. The economy will take a downward trend that government at a stage would be confused. There is going to be problem at the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Federal Ministry of Finance. The economic team put in place by President Jonathan would not achieve anything; they will only be having self-serving suggestions. Hard weather condition is coming in 2012 that would affect food production, so we need to prepare for it. Government needs to look the way of agricultural sector to be able to withstand the demand of the weather. Nigeria debt profile will increase in the year 2012. Hunger would be so much that many able bodies would take to robbery to survive.

In year 2012, there is going to be discovery of oil in some states like Lagos, Ebonyi Ogun and Ondo. Maritime authority will face a lot of challenges. We also need to pray against fire outbreak. New security arrangement is coming to our airports. Let's pray and be watchful, pilots of some airlines would go on strike. We need to pray against fire outbreak in one of our refineries.

We need to pray against ocean surge in Lagos. Heavy erosion that has never been experienced before in Lagos will come in the year. Lagos State will introduce new law on land matters.

No EFCC can tame corruption in Nigeria. God revealed to me that the corruption we are going to see in the coming year would be so enormous. There is going to be a lot of confusion in NNPC. There is going to be chaos among the Directors of NNPC that would give room for the exposure of dirty deals of some of them.

No matter how hard Lamido Sanusi, the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria tried, his effort would not be appreciated. There would be crisis between the governor of CBN and some Directors to the extent that ethnicity would play out at the CBN. Some hidden things in CBN would be exposed in the year 2012.

No matter the effort put towards reviving our stock exchange, it would take another fourteen years before it stabilizes.

EFCC will face problem in the year. The new EFCC chairman would not be allowed to perform. Let us pray against the death of a prominent journalist in the country. Shake up is coming in the Customs and Immigration. New IGP has good intention, but the fifth columnists will not allow him. Some service chiefs are going

We have to pray against the outbreak of cholera in Lagos, Calabar, Sokoto Kaduna Kano. I don't foresee any improvement in our health sector. We need to pray against health workers strike in the year 2012. There would be increase in the number of hypertension and diabetes patients in the year.

There is going to be increase in the rate of armed robbery case in the year, especially in Lagos State. Kidnapping would be introduced into Lagos state, and for this the inhabitants of the state need to pray very well, because the challenges that will face the state will be much. We need a lot of prayer for the security of this country, because the sophistication of the crime that would be introduced would catch our security agencies napping .

Terrorism will still becloud this nation. Don't be surprised that the terrorism going on in the North will still spread to other parts of the country before it fizzle out. EDUCATION

Year 2012 will usher in new education policy in Nigeria. There is going to be a lot of problem for Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, especially the man at the helm of affairs. Many Federal Government secondary school principals would have problem in the year except they pray to God very well.

Keshi will try his best, but his best will not be good enough to salvage our football. FIFA is going to have a new outlook as from 2014. New set of people will emerge in our sport arena. Change is coming in the hierarchy of the Nigeria Football Federation. Nigerian Football League chairman will have problem that may necessitate his removal. We need to pray so that we will not have attack on any of our players. A lot of reforms is coming into our football. The name Nigeria Football Association will still resurrect. CAF will face challenges that will affect the president of the body. To put it straight, CAF will soon get new president unless the incumbent prays very well.

Emirs need prayer to avoid problems in their domain, most especially Emirs of Zauzau, Kano and Ilorin. We need to pray so that all our Emirs will survive year 2012. We need to pray for the Southwest obas too. Lagos obas need to pray for good health. Oba of Benin needs to pray very well for peace and good health. Also Orangun of Ila should pray very well. Owa of Ilesha too needs a lot of prayer for good health. Two Obas will pass away.