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Fear and worry are one of the notable enemies of humanity. They constitute a crippling disease that is no respecter of persons.
The consequences of fear and worry can shelter the individual's dream and hold back progress.
There is a purpose for our lives and our creative powers that are embedded into us should cause us to bring what is hidden in our systems to glorify God. A life of fulfillment and abundance hope for will be a mirage if fear and worry rules our lives.
Admittedly, fear and worry are a part of our lives.
We all experience them at one time or the other.

However, what matters is how we react when fear and worry strike. Whereas some succumb to them,
others see them as challenges and fight them headon.
Those who confront their fears realistically with a courageous attitude become winners and achieve their goals.

A survey conducted indicates that we worry about things that may never really happen. There are very
many common fears but there is no known universal prescription. Each of them can be dealt with only
when we adopt good and effective strategies that can neutralize them. Consider this known saying
thus “do what you fear and fear disappears”. Also confidence is the strategic tool for toppling fear and worry. One's confidence fosters the conviction that one has the capacity to overcome the obstacles the stands between you and your goals.

It makes you believe in your God and your dreams turn to reality. We should not always under any circumstance t allow life to push us around. Remember you can become a hero when you make your mark by reaching your goals where others have failed. You can never enter the hall of success without first conquering fear and worry. Those who understand life and know what is expected of them are the ones that use fear constructively and turn it to their advantage.

Courtesy of : Wornyo Eric
Bsc. Chemistry - Level 100