Boko Haram Sacks 5,000 Traders, Borno Loses Over N30m Revenue

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The unrivalled insurgent activities of the Boko Haram Islamic sect has almost crippled economic activities in Maiduguri and parts of Northern Nigeria, affecting over 5, 000 women traders, mostly members of the Maiduguri Monday Market (MAMM ) who had

fled and the Borno state Board of Internal Revenue which claimed it has lost over N30 million to the attacks.

General Manager of the Market, Alhaji Aja Terab complained about the overwhelming socio-economic effects of the Boko Haram insurgency in the state and other parts of Northern Nigeria.

According to him, the fleeing of traders and market women from the Monday Market, particularly in August last year till date has resulted in much revenue losses to the people and state government.

He said, 'Out of the over 10, 000 members of the market traders association, 5, 000 or more have abandoned the market shops and stalls for safety. The insecurity to lives and property has continued to send fears and apprehension down the spines of traders and market women.

'The N2.3 million to N2.5 million monthly revenues from the Monday Market has dropped to N1.25 million, while the number of traders has equally dropped by 5, 000 or 50 per cent since last year.'